We Were A Short Story I'll Read Over and Over

We Were A Short Story I'll Read Over and Over

Last update: 11 April, 2016

Before knowing you, I did not know I could fall in love in just two days. I did not know that I would feel your caresses for a long time after in my heart. A distance of months and miles separated us, and those two days became a short story that I have read over and over.

Our story was made of truths, of midnight glances, of hugs under the sheets, of naked bodies in the morning light. It is a story that we told each other in a few hours, in which we barely discovered each other’s lives.

“It’s almost law: eternal loves are the shortest.”

Mario Benedetti

A short story in which you showed me myself

Despite the time that has passed, I have not lost sight of the fact that for a moment, you were my accomplice, the person that I could trust. You supported me and understood me at a time when nobody else did, you reminded me that I could live, that I could cry, and that I could feel. You made me see that I needed to be myself.

Couple Staring Into Each Other's Eyes

You opened my eyes to a world that, until that moment, I had only seen through the standards of other people, a world that they had drawn for me, but that I had nothing to do with. You gave me strength, even once you were no longer by my side.

“Do not tempt me, because if we tempt each other, we will not be able to forget it.”

-Mario Benedetti-

We made up a thousand stories with our dreams. We shortened the distance that separated us while continuing to talk and laugh , without the oceans being able to stop us.

What I learned from you

In two days, many things can be learned; two bodies can reveal themselves, and many feelings. In two days, I learned from you that we must live the life that we want for ourselves, without thinking about what other people want. I learned that if we open our eyes and really focus, we will see many things and many people that sometimes we do not notice.

You taught me what pleasure is, what laughter is, what a slow, strong hug is, what it means for someone to really appreciate me. You taught me to know what I want and what I desire and above all else what I do not want.

A short story with no end

Now I know that we are not going to be together, at least not right now. I do not know what is going to happen in the future, if we will find a common place and time to hug each other again and for our eyes to understand each other without saying a single word.

If I see you, I will always remember the story of our two days together and, walking between the trees. I will remember what we told each other, and what we were never able to say.

I will always remember your last words: “This is not the last time.” You said this just before an ocean separated us for a much longer time than we had expected. An ocean of time that washed away our story, our hugs, and our shared looks among its waves of hours and days without you.

“I wait for you when we look at the night sky: you there, me here.”

-Mario Benedetti-

I often ask myself whether our story has ended and my heart is just denying it. But it’s not possible that chance brought me to you simply to take you away and prevent us from ever feeling each other again.

Couple Looking at Night Sky

Maybe we will write another story and we will dare to rewrite a story that had no end. Or maybe everything will come to an end here because that is how it must be and because other things that we are unaware of must happen. Only time will whisper our story to us.

I want you to be in my life, in whatever way, so long as you are there. I want us to listen to each other, to go on knowing one another, for nothing to stop us from having a trust that grows each second that we share with one another.

“My strategy is that some day
I don’t know how, nor with what pretext
that finally you need me.”

-Mario Benedetti-

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