I Like People Who Fill Me With Positive Emotions

I like the kinds of people who are so full of positive emotions, they make me feel I can conquer the world.
I Like People Who Fill Me With Positive Emotions
Sergio De Dios González

Written and verified by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 03 June, 2022

I want to talk about everything …atoms, death, space, philosophy, politics, sex, trips to Asia, New York, and the moon. I want you to tell me all the lies you’ve told throughout your life, and what you think about when you’re kissing. In fact, I want you to fill me with positive emotions.

I don’t want you to scold me, tell me what to do, judge me, or make me feel guilty. Don’t try to manipulate me, or pretend to be interested in me and then disappear without saying a word. I don’t want people like that in my life.

“Don’t worry about the people from your past, there’s a reason they didn’t make it to your future.”

-Paulo Coelho-

I don’t want toxic people in my life

Many people pass through your life. Some stay and others disappear. Sometimes, when a person departs, they leave a hole behind them that’s difficult to fill because they transmitted really positive emotions to you. At other times, someone disappears and you feel calm and relieved. They’re toxic people.

Learning to identify people who are toxic takes time and experience. It’s also based on possessing a certain knowledge that allows you to value yourself and not submit to the criticism of others. When someone toxic is around you, you often feel nervous and listless, with no energy. Therefore, it’s really important to know how to detect these kinds of people and get away from them. However, you can’t always keep your distance. For instance, you might have to work with them. In this case, you have to learn to patiently deal with them. So, how do you identify toxic people?

Toxic people aren’t honest

Toxic people often try to exert power or play the victim to manipulate others. With these two kinds of behavior, they get to do what they want and you do what they want. For this reason, it’s important to possess high self-esteem and not allow them to manipulate you or affect you emotionally. Playing their game only weakens you and makes you feel small.

“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”

-Oscar Wilde-

Toxic people gossip

Toxic people love to criticize and talk about others behind their backs. Thus, any story they’re told they’ll use to harm others. Therefore, you must avoid telling toxic people anything and mustn’t allow them to lie or speak ill of you or others. Information is power, and everything they know about you they might, one day, use against you. Indeed, toxic people tend to adopt a selfish attitude. Consequently, if, to achieve their goals, they have to use the information you’ve given them against you, they’ll do so.

girl with masks representing the paradoxical conversations

Toxic people continually need to be accepted

Toxic people need to be loved and accepted. Indeed, they need continuous recognition and acceptance, so they tend to create conflicts and are selfish. They think of themselves and not others. Furthermore, they always seek the adulation of others and think that they’re better than everyone else.

Good relationships make us happier and healthier

At Harvard University, they conducted an incredible study. It analyzed several people throughout their lives to find out what makes people happy and healthy. It was called the Study of Adult Development.

They analyzed 724 people from adolescence to old age. Each year, the participants were asked about their work, family life, and health. The problem was that the study was extremely long and the researchers encountered financing problems as well as participants who wanted to leave the study. In the end, about 60 people were left alive, close to 90 years old.

After dozens of recorded conversations, analytical studies, and brain scans, the conclusion was really clear. Indeed, according to Robert Waldinger (fourth director of the study): good relationships make us happier and healthier.

I want people who fill me with positive emotions

I like people who transmit energy to me, who trust me. People who support me in my decisions and don’t judge me. Those who make me see the positive side of things, who encourage me when they see I’m struggling, and fill me with their positive emotions. Without a doubt, these people are the ones who leave their mark on us, those who hold our hands when we’re at rock bottom.

“Know all the theories. Master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul, be just another human soul.”

-Carl G. Jung-

I like people who tell me about all the things they’ve done, who talk about their lives, who are passionate, and who laugh and cry. The kinds of people who, when I’ve been speaking to them, make me feel like I can take over the world and do a thousand things. Their energy surrounds me and motivates me in such a way that I feel inspired to achieve those goals that I thought were impossible. The kinds of people who know how to pick me up off the ground and give me a good push in the right direction.


People with positive energy smile at life. They’re exactly where they want to be. Furthermore, they know how to take care of their bodies and their minds. They’ve learned how to relativize their problems and they take lessons from their mistakes. They offer joy and love to others. However, they also know how to enjoy their moments of solitude and take advantage of opportunities. These are the kinds of people I like.


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