Never Forget Who You Are, The World Will Not

Never Forget Who You Are, The World Will Not

Last update: 12 December, 2016

“Never forget who you are, the world will not. Use it like armor and it will never be able to be used to hurt you.” This is what Tyrion Lannister says to Jon Snow in the fifth episode of the first season of Game of Thrones.

Forgetting who we are, our history, our past makes us vulnerable. All that history is experience and knowledge and, therefore, is a learning opportunity, both for the world and ourselves. Our past is who we are, however much it hurts us or weighs us down.

As much as we forget where we come from, hiding a past that we are ashamed of or that hurts us or ignoring our limitations, there are things that will never change. The first thing is that one cannot change. The second is that, as much as we do not want not see it, everybody else will see it. So, the more we try not to look, the more we increase the damage they can cause us.

Accept your weaknesses

By accepting your weaknesses not only do you have the chance to get stronger, but you also take it away from those who want to use it against you. You have to face your weaknesses and your foibles and laugh at yourself so that when others do the same you’re ready for it. That’s why it is good to delve into something essential: knowing yourself.


This work of self-knowledge will open the doors to develop all the skills you need to become the person you want to be. Moreover, you will discover what you really want for yourself.

And thanks to the work of self-knowledge, you’ll discover which of your behaviors are inherited from your family heritage. Do not forget that many of the things we do or believe are merely legacy of a past that haunts us and does not allows us to grow. It is the way children pay for the sins of their parents.

When you know yourself, you will be aware of your own identity, your own values, your own aspirations. So you will be able to find your weaknesses and limitations. You can also let your strengths and abilities surface, many of which may have been condemned to the shadow of your weaknesses or your past.

By knowing yourself, you can learn to react to events, not only by developing new skills but also learning to manage your behavior and by dealing with problems.

“If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear nor the result of a hundred battles”

-Sun Tzu-

No one can decide for you if you know yourself

“When you accept your frailties no one can use them against you.” Tyrion also said that to Jon in the same scene. And not without reason. If you know yourself well, you can’t be manipulated. Your weaknesses are no longer used as a weapon to be attacked and become a defense to face your adversaries. This will strengthen the confidence you have in yourself and your self-esteem.


If you know yourself well, if you know what your weaknesses are, do not forget that you will be able to control the anger that your weaknesses cause you. You will be able to forgive those who may be responsible and know how to accept responsibility for what you’ve done. But above all, you will be able to decide what will happen from now on.

By recognizing your weaknesses and accepting your limitations, you have all your cards on the table. They may not be the best cards, but they’re the ones you have, and they are the ones you have to play. In this game, if you do not play your cards, the other person will play for you, but for their benefit, not yours. It is much smarter to take them them and not let someone else decide for you.

“Each and every one of us has cracks and defects. We never had the intention to go out and become imperfect, but that’s what happens in life. We make mistakes and learn from them. It is what makes us what we are “

-Demi Lovato-

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