5 Touching Films That Remind Us of the Values that Matter

5 Touching Films That Remind Us of the Values that Matter

Last update: 19 October, 2022

Movies are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for both film lovers and those who usually find themselves far from the big screen. The philosopher, Jose Ortega y Gasset, used to say, “Tell me what you pay attention to and I’ll tell you who you are.” So, those values that we see, that we smell, that we feel and apply say a lot about us.

When we watch movies that explore values we come to understand, through the characters, the emotions that arise when we defend these values. It can be powerful to feel like a part of us is on the big screen. By enjoying fiction has a lot of truth to it, we can also begin to recognize, outside of scripts and cameras, that there are people who are worthy of being called heroes.

There are a number of films that appeal to noble values. These are films that are based on principles of personal fulfillment through dedication and love.

Billy Elliot

We started our guide of films that appeal to the noble values by focusing on Billy Elliot, by Stephen Daldry. In this case, the film tells the story of a British boy from the slums who dreams of becoming a great dancer.


Beyond the dreamy and creative attitude of the boy, and his belief that he is capable of doing anything to fulfill his desire, we highlight the performance of his father, Jackie Elliot, masterfully played by Gary Lewis. He is a miner without much education who is able to overcome his own ideology to help his child reach his full potential.

The character is unable to understand his own son or his passion for dancing in a totally hostile environment. However, he accepts it and does everything in his power to fulfill his young son’s dream.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Another brilliant film that appeals to the noble values is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Tim Burton. Hidden among a lot of special effects and sardonic humor, we find a really touching and beautiful story.

Charlie-and the chocolate factory

What’s more beautiful than seeing a humble family that spends everything it has so their little child can experience the famous chocolate factory of Willy Wonka? Each of the members, parents and grandparents bet their poor finances to make a good, hardworking and grateful child happy.

Butterfly’s Tongue

A few years ago, the great director José Luis Cuerda, adapted the work of the talented writer Manuel Rivas in a wonderful film that touched the hearts of countless movie lovers, Butterfly’s Tongue.

Again we find the story of an old professor, Fernando Fernan Gomez, lover of education, giving everything he has for the happiness of his young students. Until the last moment of his misunderstood life, even when he knows it’s all over, he will be faithful to his principles and affection for the boys, even though his message of kindness and solidarity only leaves an impression on one of them.

“Freedom stimulates the spirit of strong men”

-Butterfly’s Tongue-


Jean-Pierre Jeunet offered some years ago one of the great gems of world cinema, called Amelie. A delightful film that defends the noble values with a sense of humor and exquisite sensitivity.

Amélie Poulain is not just any girl. Ever since her mother died, her father devoted all his affection to a garden gnome at his home in Montmartre, where she grew up and where she works as a waitress in a bar. Her life is very simple: she likes to throw stones into the river, eat raspberries, people watch and, above all, let her inexhaustible imagination run free.

At 22 she discovers that her vocation is to help others and put her hands to work, but without making any sacrifices. Simply with the intention to enjoy doing it. It is something that she will plunge into on an incredible journey and that we, through a great film, have the opportunity to follow and enjoy.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Director John Madden has already offered us two deliveries of the wonderful Marigold Hotel, a ramshackle accommodation in India where the elderly can go to retire and live their last days of existence happily.

However, the hotel ends up being much more than that. People find themselves, help and collaborate with each other, fall in love and return (in the sequel) to enjoy a second opportunity to feel unique and united, beyond loneliness and helplessness.

“In the end everything will be fine, and if it does not work, it is still not the end”

-The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel-

the best exotic marigold hotel

Five films that appeal to the noble values and that paint a happy smile on our face while we watch. Now we just need to move the story into our daily reality. Will we be able to create a better world for ourselves and our loved ones?

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