Many Will Love You for Who You Are, Others Will Envy You

Many Will Love You for Who You Are, Others Will Envy You

Last update: 08 September, 2017

Many people will love you for who you are and what you do, others will hate you for the very same reason. Envy is rearing its ugly head. We must get used to this because it often characterizes the dynamics of our relationships when we are the ones who are successful in something.

It’s impossible for us to like everyone nor will everyone like us. In this sense we must be aware that many times the light we give off is what isn’t pleasant for certain people. Because the great things that make us who we are are what causes gloom to other people. These people will probably be dealing with some hidden desire in their lives that they somehow believe they have been denied.


Whoever loves you makes you shine

The true guardian angels are those people who at certain times in our lives appear and give us light, making us shine and eliminating the recesses that cloud and obscure the real us, or those that do not do our virtues justice.
At this point it’s not words that count, it’s the facts. They surround us with their magic and sprinkle our reality with their wonders, making us see how much we are worth, just when it seems that we have forgotten where the on switch in our life was.

Every one of us has a bulb, something that touches us and makes us special, something that gives us the ability to offer the world something of that specialness. There will be those who are very good at their work, those who are able to love in an special way and those who can handle more than one skill, making them truly unique.

But, as we have said, there are always those who want to put out that light, that “something special” that defines us. Sometimes it will be difficult for us to deal with, but ONLY WE CAN GIVE VALIDITY TO THE INTENTIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE IN OUR LIVES.

The demon of envy

Envy is not 100% unhealthy, as long as it does not involve harmful actions towards others (or towards ourselves). When it’s healthy, it may lead us towards what we would really like to have. In this way it gives us clues about the path we would like to take.

However, envy becomes totally harmful when we succumb to its bewitchment, thereby undermining our self-esteem. This tends to make us fall into the trap of unfortunates comparisons, and sometimes we turn that greed into a nasty attack that seeks to imprison the object of our covert admiration.

Envy is sometimes intermingled with other feelings like hate, targeted towards the person who manifests and magnifies their envy and frustrations. This can condemn the talent and the successes of other people, thus generating behaviors that seek to harm the other.

We tend to pay more attention to the motive of the envy in the envious person, than to evaluate what it means for the person being envied. We can not forget that the fact that they envy us, and hate us for what makes us shine, and this creates a great suffering that distances us from reality and generates mistrust.

It is no coincidence that the people who stand out often feel alone in a world where they are surrounded by people. It is not strange, then, that one doesn’t know how to discern between true friends, those wanting something out of us or those who are envious of us.

Likewise, this even makes us question whether our success or our brightness actually belongs to us or if it is a mirage we do not deserve. This usually creates a long chain of insecurities and regrets that may obscure our virtues.
The harm that comes from being envied can be overcome by reinforcing positive beliefs in ourselves. In this sense we can not forget that certain circumstances or events will always raise comparisons but that should not overshadow us.

Each one must savor his virtues without destroying those of others, leaving aside the unhealthy envy and promoting what builds us up, which is simply our ability to admire and grow with others.

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