I Love Sensing-Thinking People Who Do Not Divorce Reason And Emotion

July 4, 2016

Eduardo Galeano used to say that “the language that tells the truth is sensing-thinking language” and that the best people are those who are able to think by feeling and feel by thinking.

This led him to claim that “I like sensing-thinking people who do not separate reason from the heart. Who feel and think at the same time. Without divorcing the head from the body, nor emotions from reason.”

As much as we may interfere, we act with our heart following the logic of our mind and vice-versa. We are a whole, thinking and feeling at the same time, and this is how we come closer to reality.

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Managing what we feel is necessary to remember what we deserve

Sensing-thinking is how we relate to our love, friendship, disappointment, joy, our angels, and our demons. We cannot break ourselves into separate pieces or divorce our feelings from our thoughts.

When we find ourselves faced with a complicated relationship, we cannot try to guide ourselves solely based on what we feel. Sometimes we have to push part of what we feel to the side in order to put more value on what we deserve.

However, our feelings and emotions will have an effect on any decision and event of our lives (and it is a good thing that this is the case, for otherwise, we would just be robots).

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Sensing-thinking sensitivity, the basis for empathy

There are people with more or less sensing-thinking sensitivity. There are people who think and act according to the belief that if you are sensitive and pay attention to your emotions in today’s world, life’s circumstances will devour you.

This is why it becomes necessary to reflect, for in order to feel alive and go with the flow at the same time, it is necessary to think and feel. How are we going to raise children if we always prioritize logic? How are we going to love if we lend greater importance to reason?

Many believe that allowing reason to stand out over emotions is a sign of strength and that our emotions and our sensitivity are signs of weakness and frailty. Nothing could be further from the truth: the combination of these two is what really makes us great.

Maintaining a sensing-thinking philosophy is one way to embrace life and who we really are. In fact, sensing-thinking people are the ones who gather the most charisma and the greatest ability to connect with their surroundings.

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A sensing-thinking person is a balanced person who offers other people trust, good intentions, emotional intelligence, power, and the strength to spread their wings and give free rein to their goals.

Sensing-thinking people are the ones who best understand the importance of little details when it comes time to relate to the world. They better understand that our life lacks meaning without the bonds that unite us and make us respect one another.

“We act with the heart, but we also employ the mind, and when we combine the two in this way, we are sensing-thinking”

-Eduardo Galeano-

Celebrating the wedding of reason and the heart is the basis for our well being

We have to thank time, which has shown us that good things can happen at any time, sometimes at the hands of our feelings and sometimes embracing our reason.

This is why it is so important for us not to divorce logic from emotions, for both are necessary for understanding the world and what happens to us, as well as for making decisions.

A sensing-thinking mind allows us to collaborate with our surroundings and connect to others to make each relationship more satisfying. However, we do not always know how to balance things out.

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A good social brain is the one that balances reason and emotion, for neither is better, worse, or superior. Without emotional sensitivity, we cannot understand a world built on the basis of reason or vice-versa.

In reality, thinking without feeling (or the other way around) is seeing without seeing, listening without listening, loving without loving, and living without living. And it is as impossible as the existence of a perfect and sincere smile without a feeling of true joy.