I Am Strong Because I Once Was Weak

I Am Strong Because I Once Was Weak

Last update: 16 November, 2015

I am strong because I once was weak, I am on guard because I was betrayed, I laugh because I once was sad, and I live in the present because the future is uncertain.

I have hit rock bottom and I’ve felt the roughness of the ground that I used to walk on. Life has been hard on me. I have been, am, and always will be a vulnerable person. I have been truly wounded. My heart has broken over injustice and betrayal. I have dodged very few of the blows than I have received.

I suffer from fear and hopelessness so much that I’ve had no choice but to confront them. I haven’t let suffering take over my life, but I still struggle to rid myself of the burden that caused the emotional imbalance that I’ve gone through.

I have risen up from all this, which is why you now see before you a strong person who has had and will continue to have moments of weakness. I can’t escape from them and I’m ready to courageously accept what the future holds for me.

I’ve realized that we can learn a lot when we are faced with difficult moments. We can’t go to the first page of our book and do everything over again, so it’s important to find a way to be reborn and continue writing our stories.

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Tears heal the soul

Just let me be weak and cry today, and tomorrow I’ll be strong again. Sometimes we need to cry and we don’t know why. We tend to repress our tears for fear of what others might think or simply because we think that crying makes us weaker. But through crying, we are able to express what’s in our hearts. 

Sometimes people cry, not because they’re weak, but because they’ve spent so much time being strong and this also wears them down. .

In general, when we need to cry, it’s good to do so, because in some way it will help us relieve the anxiety that our problems induce.


Learning from adversity

“I started feeling the desire to live again when I discovered that my life could take on whatever meaning I wanted to give to it.”

Paulo Coelho

Life is like a path full of both flowers and stones. The good and the bad moments are there so that we can do with them what we need to. We must be strong and accept the things we learn, overcome the storms, and free ourselves from resentment and pain: that is resilience.

When we are faced with adversity, something forces our inner self to develop. This is something that people who have suffered a lot know well, because after going through a hard time, we think more clearly about our limits and our abilities.

This is the difference between school and life. In school, first you are taught a lesson, and then they test you on it. In  life, you get tested and then you learn the lesson. 

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The bad moments in life are obvious; you have to look for the good ones.

No one can go back and start over, but anyone can start now and create a new ending.

Everything in life is temporary, so enjoy the good things because they won’t last forever. And if things go bad, don’t worry, because they won’t last forever either. Setbacks and suffering are a part of every day, so we must be open to learning from painbecause we can’t avoid it even if we want to.

People say that the pain goes away once you’ve learned from it, although physical and mental scars remain. It’s not that people who have suffered have conquered their fears and pain, it’s just that they’ve learned that you can’t heal wounds that you don’t acknowledge.

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