Reasons To Spend Time Alone

Reasons To Spend Time Alone

Last update: 02 May, 2016

As a general rule, we seem to have a negative concept of spending time alone. We even use electronic devices and social networks to help ourselves feel more connected to the world around us. Many people literally flee from moments of solitude and do anything necessary to avoid it.

Spending time alone is not as bad as you think. Here I would like to give you the best reasons to spend time alone. You will see that it is much more pleasant than you might think.

You discover new ways of having fun

Do you really believe that it is so bad to spend an afternoon watching movies by yourself? It may surprise you to feel such a positive sensation upon spending time by yourself. Solitude gives you the chance to do activities that others might not want to do but which you have been wanting to try for a while.

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Forget the idea that you need to share every moment of your life in order to be happy. What really sabotages your happiness in these moments is thinking about how everyone else sees you. Do you want me to tell you the greatest secret? They will not even pay attention to you. Be objective and you will see that what I say is true. Each one of us is living his own life and doing his own things.

Don’t go through life paying more attention to others than to yourself. Are you worried about what they might think because you are going to learn to surf by yourself? Trust me, in cases like these, each person is immersed in his or her own world — practicing his own technique or enjoying the waves, sea, and everything around them. Concentrate on yourself and let the rest of the world follow their path.

Spending time alone allows you to have more projects

Are you one of those people who think that the best ideas can only come in the company of others? This is not necessarily true. When you are alone, you have the chance to imagine in a completely free way. There is nobody who can tell you that what you are dreaming up is impossible, so you will start to think about how to make it a reality.

Maybe you believe that by being alone, it is impossible for you to create a really interesting project, but just look at the lives of the great inventors, sculptors, poets, or businessmen. They worked out the basic ideas of their projects by themselves. Although they later incorporated improvements with the help of others, everything was born of their ability to dream without outside limitations.

You will work with greater focus

Do you remember your homework? I am sure that you will agree when I say that group projects were always more complicated. Every idea had to be discussed before they could be put into practice, and there was not always true teamwork.

For this very reason, spending time alone makes you more productive. By not having other distractions, you can pay attention to what you must. I am not only speaking about work obligations; I also mean your hobbies and dreams. When you choose to spend time alone, you can focus on your matters in a completely free way.

You meet new people

How wide is your friend group? Do you feel satisfied or do you think it could be better? It is normal to let yourself be carried away by the opinions of your friends. Although this can make you feel like you are part of something, it also limits you.

However, if you do not allow yourself to meet more people, you also will not open doors to other opportunities. Spending time alone and outside your comfort zone allows you to open new doors.

You fight against depression

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Spending time alone to fight against depression? It’s true. The reasons for depression are often results of the environment around us. This is why spending time alone can be the most effective solution. When you feel like everyone around you is only hurting you, or you would prefer to be somewhere else, it is time to distance yourself from all of that.

This will help you put things in perspective and figure out who the relevant people in your life really are. Furthermore, you can take advantage of all the other benefits that I already mentioned.

Spending time alone to listen to yourself

With time, I have learned to spend time alone and I have experienced all of its benefits. This has allowed me to discover that when you distance yourself from everything, you can finally listen to and learn about yourself. You can listen to your dreams and understand your needs without outside noise affecting you.

Images courtesy of Pascal Campion

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