I Like The Smell Of Happy People, They Smell Like Hope

I Like The Smell Of Happy People, They Smell Like Hope
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

There are days when we decide to put on the smiles that others give us. It is almost inevitable that the hope they radiate make us feel good and the joy is quickly spread through each of our senses; especially when it comes from wonderful people.

This is because some people have the ability to makes us feel good by sharing their harmony, hope and positivity with us. 

They show us that we can do anything and we do not need to step on the brakes, just smile and wink at life.

The taste of happy people

Good people smell of closeness, hugs and affection. We tend to be more open because we feel close to them and they make us feel at home.

This ability to wrap and and tighten our screws each day is what engages us and makes us addicted to a common well-being and the magic of smiles, good words and good intentions.

So it is not surprising that we like to surround ourselves with people like that, because they are the ones who support us. The times we spend at their side are as ephemeral as they are genuine. As time flies by, we collect reasons as to why we will always go back to their arms, their sincere looks and their smiles.

“True empathetic listeners can even hear what is said in silence. The most important thing in communication is hearing what is not being said”

-Peter F. Druncker-

Emotions that are contagious

We catch our moods in an amazing way. Moreover, our emotional state is able to turn from 0 to 100 in seconds in a completely subtle way, with greater or lesser intensity, consciously and unconsciously.

Some people are able to change our mood with a “good morning” accompanied by a smile. In fact, there is evidence that when we interact with someone, we perceive their emotional state so much that even our muscles tend to be positioned in a way similar to that of our companion.

happy woman flying with birds

That is, if the other person smiles at the right time, it will make us do it also. And we don’t just imitate their gesture; we catch on to their mood and emotions as well. This occurs to a greater or lesser degree depending on our sensitivity.

John Cacioppo, a researcher, argues that regardless of whether or not we understand the mimicry of others, we unconsciously evoke emotions, thus producing emotional synchronization.

There are people who very strongly convey good emotions. Therefore, the link we have with them is so healthy that the union will result in a strong commitment and probably in other behaviors based on loyalty and affection.

Thus, those who perceive more emotional fortitude and determination will be the ones we like and will make us feel better as they positively shape our mood.

four friends hair braided together

The fact that we are invisibly connected so strongly is something that surprises us and amazes us very much. Science is discovering incredible things about mirror neurons as the basis of this communication. These neurons appear to be the most highly responsible for emotional communication. They are the part of our brain biochemistry that reflects what we observe in record time.

We love such happy, sincere people with good intentions so much because, thanks to them, we are infected with a good mood, motivation and joy, feeling that by their side we are able to push back at life whenever we need to.


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