Life Surprises You When You Least Expect It

Life Surprises You When You Least Expect It
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

And without knowing how or why, life always ends up surprising you when you least expect it. Is it that maybe we don’t have any control over our destiny and this vital flow that envelops us every day?

Certainly, we do. What happens is that many times we’re the very ones who shut the doors to our own opportunities, to these changes, these fortuitous acts covered with positivity and hope that we all have the right to.

Life is a strange carousel where good and bad visits us in equal measure. But it’s us, with our attitudes and thoughts, who should push this wheel so that it keeps turning, with optimism and renewed hope so that in the end, what we deserve will arrive.

Luck isn’t going to come knocking on our door simply because we wish it to. In fact, we know that just because we always behave with integrity and nobility, doesn’t mean we will always be blessed with good luck. Destiny doesn’t seem to work that way.

Now, it all depends on the way you rise up to life itself. Sometimes, he who rises firm and tall, with pride and his shield up, ends up broken. Sometimes it’s better to be like ears of corn in a field and adapt to the coming wind, to be flexible, light and patient…

Life, like everything in this world, has its own rhythm. You have to know how to listen, pay attention and look at your day to day with an open mind and heart. Good things will always come to you if you believe, if you feel you deserve it and you know how to behave.

Let life teach and surprise you: open your mind

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They say that good things in life appear in order to give us happiness, and the bad to teach us new lessons. Now, some people don’t see the latter as a “vital lesson,” but more like a punishment from destiny itself.

In life, in order to be great and allow ourselves to touch the stars, we need to start off on the ground. Don’t be afraid to experience failure, disappointments. Only he who accepts, internalizes and lets the bad things go has the ability to fly free and reach the sky with the tips of his fingers.

In order to understand these ideas better, a simple example will suffice. Imagine that you have a friend that has just undergone a disappointment. You try to help that person, but they approach what happened, not only with disappointment, but also with rage and resentment.

They stop believing in love, stop trusting people and see themselves as someone “that just isn’t meant to have a romantic partner.” Someone who doesn’t deserve to be loved. This type of attitude closes doors. They don’t let life surprise them.

Limiting thoughts are negative ideas that are considered as facts, without actually being so. They also condition our lives. Many times they are caused by a bad experience or because they were inculcated during childhood. Limiting beliefs block and annul us, keeping us from new learning opportunities. And furthermore, through them we deny ourselves the ability to move forward, to grow.

Now we invite you to put into practice this simple advice in order to break many of the inner walls that we have within our minds and our hearts. Walls that, without us even noticing, don’t let life surprise us when it wishes to.

Be self-aware

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In order to be self-aware, you need to do a little exercise in self-awareness, where you’re capable of sensing your own limiting thoughts, fears, and those barbed wire fences that we set up around our personal growth.

Real life isn’t defined by your mistakes or failures. You are what you overcome and what you allow yourself to be once you clear the storm clouds away from your horizon: what you should find is your happiness.

Once you become self-aware and establish that necessary inner dialogue, you’ll see that it’s necessary to banish some of the old ideas that our parents and even society itself inculcated in us. Once you’re capable of walking freely, free of resentments and guilt, you’ll be able to see your day to day with higher hopes. And that’s where you’ll truly find the good things in life.

Wrap yourself up in positive beliefs

Believing in yourself and creating the person you truly want to be: that’s what it’s all about. Is that really so hard? Actually, it kind of is, because it sometimes requires having to leave many things behind, even people.

Keep in mind that within your social and personal circle, there may be someone that limits your personal growth. And they may keep you from being who you really are and wish to be.

Life will surprise us if only we just go beyond our comfort zone. And for this we need to be brave, break some schemes and change some of our previous thoughts.

The creative force can be found within you. At this stage of life you already know what adversity is, what overcoming a battle is. So, don’t ever give up your effort to maintain your hope and optimism. It’s an open window that should never be closed.

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