Life Is Good for Those Who Know How to Smile

Life Is Good for Those Who Know How to Smile

Last update: 17 September, 2017

Life is good when we know how to get the most out of it and when we have the courage to tap into it by overcoming all those supposed limits that people put before us. Life is at its best when people know how to smile with conviction and to laugh freely, without a care in the world and until we ache all over.

Smiling is irrational and intimately human. “Smiling” is the cheapest and most heartfelt tool that we have in order to face life’s problems, to celebrate the good times and to give life and breath to those around us.

“The smile is a real living force, the only one capable of moving the immovable”
-Orison M. Marden-

Because when we smile it seems that we can cope with everything, that we are a little freer and that we have enough strength to go on. For this reason and many more: Life looks so good when people know how to smile! And our life is so good when we do it!

Those people that light things up when they smile

People who know how to smile take their light wherever they go: it shines on those around them and into every place they go. That’s why these kinds of people know how to be sunshine on those rainy days and how to make you happy even when you don’t want to be! These are the people that make you laugh, even when you haven’t the slightest desire to do so!

Surely you also know the feeling of knowing that, no matter what happens, there will always be someone with you who will make you smile. No matter where you are, near or far, that person will always go with you wherever you go.

“You, little skylark in my house, laugh out loud. The laughter in your eyes is the light of the world. Laugh so much that when my soul hears it it flutters with joy. Your laughter sets me free, it gives me wings. It takes away my loneliness, and sets me free from my prisons. As you fly you light up my heart “
-Miguel Hernández-

Addicted to getting together with people who like to smile

The kind of people that we are talking about, the ones that make life feel so good, actually create a type of addiction. There are people who are in our life because, above all, they know how to make us laugh. They have that special gift of knowing when and how to do it.

When they smile, these people convey healing, peace, encouragement and safety. In fact, receiving a smile as a gift is almost always something positive, because when we do it, it is as if with it comes a halo of life energy that stirs our emotions and leaves them at their best.

Someone who knows that smiling is going to make us smile too deserves much good in their life, because they are giving us part of themselves for free. We will never forget those smiles that made us or make us feel alive.

Smile at life and make life smile back

The best thing we can do with all those people who help us to smile is to use them as an inspiration for our lives: we too can make life feel good. If we learn this in our lives then the worst days in our lives will be the ones when we’ll feel more drive to get out of our bad mood and face the circumstances as best we can.

On those grey days, we will have to learn to be like the sun: smiling in order to erase and forget the things that hurt us most is the best way forward. Life does not wait, it keeps marches on: our attitude is the only key that will make the most difficult situations become a positive lesson, and help us learn how to return victorious and smiling after we overcome them.

“[..] Deny me the bread, the air,
light, spring,
but never your laugh
 for I would die “
-Pablo Neruda-

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