Do You Know How Perverse Communication Works?

June 22, 2017

In order to destabilize an individual, you don’t need to create a direct conflict or exert physical violence. The use of irony, mocking or insinuations form part of a type of communication among peers, in which one party is harmed. We’re talking about perverse communication. It can take place between a couple, friends and within the workplace.

Perverse communication refers to psychological torture towards a peer. It makes no noise, but nevertheless destabilizes and confuses the individual it is directed towards. All of this can begin with a simple act of disrespect without, of course, the sensation of guilt from the person who emits it.

In order to perform this type of communication, it’s enough to have an individual tease the personal tastes of a peer, their achievements or expectations, both in private as well as in public. It is also common for them to deny the other person the opportunity to express themselves or to make insinuations about the other person without later clarifying them.

Other times it is as simple as not talking to someone anymore. These actions are normally accompanied by nonverbal communication which include haughty glances or inordinate sighs.

“One word in due time can kill or humiliate without one getting his hands dirty.”
-Pierre Desproges-