The World Needs Examples, Not Opinions

May 18, 2016

There are times when it is painful to live in this world where personal interest, economic benefits, evil, and selfishness always seem to win the battle.

It can make us believe that good people are few and far between and that, as few as there are, they will not manage to bring about anything really significant in the world.

However, good people are the ones who keep the world balanced, completing the puzzle with their sincerity, honesty, and their good actions.

The world that hurts us: our world

There are images that hurt, that really harm us and make our souls ill at ease. Even if we are able to close our eyes, the pain of others will always torment us. There are situations where injustice slaps us in the face like a blast of shame.

Unfortunately, many things that hurt us today will be forgotten tomorrow. Take the photo that illustrates these words as the perfect example, the photo of misfortune, shame, and torment.

Fallen Angel

“Who am I to tell you not to come?
I, too, would risk it all.
I would cross oceans and borders and countries.
And whatever else were necessary.

I already know that I cannot dissuade you.
And I don’t want to, either.
But you must know that on this side, the future is a consumer good.
And customs are charged with human lives.

Here we only make you see that you matter when you bother us.
When you cover our beach and our sun.
When your image strikes us and remains imprinted forever on our soul.

Yes, I know that it is shameful.
And I beg your forgiveness.
What am I going to do, except everything that I do not do?

But who am I to tell you not to come
If the only thing we have done for you is making you see that you do not exist.
If the only thing we know about you is a number when you are not there.”

-Risto Mejide-

We are not good at remembering the important things

Thanks to the internet, we open our eyes and know that the strings that control us are much more cruel than what we can tolerate. Probably these very words and images hurt and make us uncomfortable, but misfortune on the internet goes viral as quickly as it is forgotten.

We all have opinions; however, later, if we weigh our actions and our intentions, the latter end up winning. We are afraid of those ideas that are disruptive, and we have a real fear that the interests that control this world are greater than our union.

Our emotions seek to have an impact on a world that we are still afraid of. Even so, if our words really are carried away on the wind, there is no hurricane that carries away our feelings. They can get weaker, but they will always stay with us, preventing our indifference.

Let us not justify ourselves with words, let us not look to the other side

Maybe we have ended up stuck in a spiral that makes us feel empty. However, I still believe in human beings, I still trust in our ability to believe, to feel, and to act accordingly.

We have a great ability for justifying ourselves with our words. To give our opinion, we often fill a sentence with feeling, but then our fear wins the battle rather than action.

When faced with injustice, we cannot shield ourselves with a few phrases that mask our frustration. We have to voice our opinions and not close our eyes; we have to forgive ourselves and start acting.

Child and Cat Walking Line in Front of Moon

With our inaction, we are tainting our conscience. Injustice shines so much that it can blind us. We must not allow this only to be fleeting; we can fight those who create misfortune. If we act, we can serve as examples rather than just offering opinions.

The world is a house for all of us who inhabit it. The fact that it was already here when we were born and that it will stay after we die does not mean that we are not responsible for what is in it.

Children dying of hunger. Shattered refugee families. Raped women. Murdered soldiers. People with your own genes, enslaved and sewing your clothes. Tortured animals. Devastated nature. Governments, the wealthy, and mafias playing with you, creating needs, hiding interests, and sitting back comfortably.

All of these are much more than an opinion. Because of these things, the world needs your example, your action, your fight. People like you and like me are what the world needs to catch its breath, turn around, and breathe.