I Want to Be Happy, Not Look Happy

I Want to Be Happy, Not Look Happy

Last update: 31 January, 2017

Being happy is paramount. But is it necessary to go searching for it? What if we are already happy? Perhaps, then, our life would be meaningless.

Although we cannot always show a smile on our face, somehow we force ourselves to have one. Have you noticed that sadness is not well received? Unconsciously, we mask the negative feelings and emotions we feel.

Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy. Focus on the things you do have and the many thousands of reasons why you should be very happy.

Being happy is not what they told you

Where can we find happiness? Since we were small, we were given certain steps to follow to achieve it. One of them is to find a good job that allows us to survive and have some economic security.

But this joy is not only in the workplace, but also in our relationships. Having a partner and children will be paramount for many. But what happens when the result is not what was expected? And what if we continue to be unhappy?

woman with yellow irises

When despite achieving all of these steps we fail to achieve our long-awaited happiness, sadness comes over us, causing us to feel terribly miserable. That’s when we start to think that perhaps we do not deserve a life full of smiles.

All of the guidelines that mark our path towards being happy don’t do anything but make it an expectation that is very difficult to achieve. For as much as we want to take in, happiness is not what they told us it would be and we just have to open our eyes and look around us.

“There are two ways to spread happiness, being the light that shines or the mirror that reflects it.”

-Edith Wharton-

When you do, you will realize that it is not those who have more that are happier and that humble people are the ones that are always smiling. This is because they value what little they have and because they know that happiness is not achieved with possessions or accomplishments. Rather, being happy is an attitude.

These people know they do not need anyone else to smile. Also, they do not feel unsuccessful because they have accepted that life is hard and that one doesn’t always get what they want. Despite all this, they look with optimism to the future and continue to fight for what they want.

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Do I have to be happy?

In a way we are forced to be happy, to give our best smile when we only wanted to cry. To do this, you just have to look at the self-help books that always guide us towards feeling better about ourselves and others.

The big problem is that it is really impossible to be happy 24 hours a day. More than anything because positive emotions coexist with the negative. Of the latter, we always try to escape because we consider them to not be very positive to our well-being.

woman in blue

For all this, in most cases we show our best smile and pretend to be happy. It seems that in this way we are more accepted, so that we integrate more easily. Positivity is what prevails because everyone makes us feel better.

Whatever you decide, make sure it will make you happy.

But this results in us hiding our true emotions when we really feel bad. Without realizing it we may find ourselves enclosing our sadness with smiles, terrible cries with laughter, and with laughing eyes trying to hide a terrible inner pain.

We can take a glimpse of this situation in the following video which we present to you below through a medium that does nothing more than show the best part of our reality. Sometimes, it’s the most unreal.

The decision not to be happy

What if I decide not to be happy? There are many people who may not wish to be happy, although this seems strange to us. However, it is not so much when, really, we do everything possible to get away from this mood that is so sought after.

We want to be happy once we have reached the success at work and  with our family, finding wellness and balance in all areas. Goals and more goals than when we achieve them they do not make us feel euphoric, at least not for the rest of our lives.

Nobody owns your happiness, therefore, do not leave your joy,

your peace, your life in the hands of anyone.

Being happy is a state of mind that coexists with many others. So, like sadness or any other emotion, it lives within you. If you look inside of you, you will notice that it is from that exact spot where all the alternatives that you can control to be happy are born.

woman in her garden enjoying her way of life

Value what you have around you and stop pretending you’re always alright. Never let anyone or anything force you to be what you really are not. Stay away from anything that you have been told would make you happy and that what you have found isn’t. Happiness lies within ourselves. And you, are you’re happy now?

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