A Hug Is The Best Medicine For Many Pains

A Hug Is The Best Medicine For Many Pains
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

Sometimes all we need is a hug and a caress at the right time, without words they tell us “I’m here and I’m proving it to you” which gives us chills and blurs our fears.

That’s why they say that sometimes a good hug is the best medicine for a lot of pain; it feeds our senses and enhances our strength and our ability to cope with life.

And so when we hold on to another person, it helps us believe in ourselves and feel our own hearts, and at the same time feel the warmth and support of another. 

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A big hug breaks all our fears

Thus, a big hug breaks all our fears and puts a suitable “healing” treatment in place for all kinds of pain that will allow us to reverse our discomfort. The positive feelings that a hug creates in us can make other ailments, both physical and psychological, decrease in their intensity.

To give a good hug the only thing we need is desire, love and enthusiasm to bridge the emotional distance between two people who appreciate and know how to show a smile that goes beyond their faces.

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The importance of small details

In real life, lines from movies aren’t quoted nor do people usually cross oceans to capture the moment of a smile or a hug. In real life we communicate with small things that make everyday moments.

What hugs and caresses teach us is to set ourselves free and to be able to feel, to develop the emotions of our intelligence, to laugh at silly things, to savor an outrageous laugh, to contemplate things like how our eyelids fall when a sweet hug makes us close our eyes.

So we release the pressure of silence and we give virtue to what we taste, and power to the small things, to the everyday things, so that we can rebuild our parts and perfectly assemble the pieces that froze our smile and caused it to shatter.

What we are saying is that which destroys us cannot compete with the myriad of reasons we can find day after day to feed our well-being and our emotional growth. One dies so many times from love and affection that it gets lost in the number of times that the “I love yous” filled with hugs resuscitated us.

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Emotional desires that result in hugs

It’s easy to want people. Not in a sexual way, but emotionally. It’s easy for us to need someone to touch our skin, to smell and feel heat through a hug. Seeing inside someone without looking and making the most of that desire.

It is easy to meet someone and feel that there is a connection. It is easy to feel close to someone who conveys tranquility, essence, authenticity and harmony.

It is also easy for those people to make us explode from the emotions, desires and feelings that invite us to leave an imprint with the touch of our hugs, our liberated mind and our quiet body.

It is easy to feel good with a hug because hugs are made for just that: for us to assess ourselves and look to the heart.


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