If You Don't Like Something, Change It!

If You Don't Like Something, Change It!

Last update: 01 August, 2016

What do you not like about your life? Maybe it’s something external like certain friendships, your job, something that you think is not within your power to change. And that’s true. But you can do so indirectly.

Imagine for a second that you don’t like how a certain person you’re interacting with is behaving. The first step is to recognize your discontentment, because maybe you’re dealing with a manipulative person or maybe it’s simply someone who’s personality isn’t compatible with yours.

Either case, you don’t like it and aren’t happy with the situation. You can’t change that person, but you can change yourself… but that doesn’t help this particular case.

“It’s not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one that responds the best to change.”
-Charles Darwin-

What should we do? Change the situation. If you’re unhappy with someone, stay away! You can’t change anyone, but you can alter the circumstances.

Change scares us. We have been taught to fear changes, to accept suffering and be conformists. But, how much can we withstand in a situation like this?

Worrying about silly things

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We haven’t been taught to change things, but rather to deal with them. We have been worrying ever since we were little about making people angry or disappointed. These are worries that negatively affect us and are not at all beneficial for us.

Are you the type of person that thinks that they worry too much? Have you ever thought that you worry more than others? If that’s so, it’s time for you to change that situation, because you probably don’t like it, right?

Not worrying excessively doesn’t imply that we’re free of worrying, but it does mean we should learn to not give it as much importance as we currently are.

Many of the worries that currently hassle us are pretty silly. Do they really deserve all of our attention? Everybody else doesn’t give them their full attention, you shouldn’t either. Start changing today.

It’s incredible how much your life can change when you decide to change how you think. There are many things that have been instilled in us from our childhood, considerations that torment us when we become adults because something is just simply not working.

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Let’s get on the right track!

The right track is that in which we are happy and content with ourselves, in which we have found inner balance. But, in order to find it, sometimes we have to change.

How can we change the things we don’t like, whatever they may be? Follow these tips, because they’ll help you rid yourself of the fear of changes and finally be content with everything and everyone:

  • Those who change find true success. They also fear that their choice will lead them to failure. They are afraid to overcome the old saying “better the devil you know than the one you don’t.” But they have taken a risk and have come out triumphant.
  • Use uncertainty to motivate yourself: many times uncertainty demotivates you, but make yourself think that what’s up ahead is even better. Are you really going to stay in this state of unhappiness? Change, the best is yet to come.
  • Whatever happens, accept it: be it good or bad, everything changed. Every action will have its consequences. But no matter what they are, accept them. It was your choice and you need to be consistent with it…and all of the choices you make in your life. But you have to be proud of having made it. It’s better to be active than passive when faced with circumstances. That means you’re alive.
  • Make the change little by little: obviously abruptness won’t guarantee you positive results. Therefore, changes should be progressive, well thought out and calm. It does no good to rush.
  • It’s normal to be scared: it’s so normal that you should accept it, but not let it control you. You must be strong enough to overcome this fear, to confront it and determine what really matters here. Will fear outweigh what you really want?
  • If you don’t change, change will find you: because even if you don’t want to see it, you’re constantly changing. Your family changes, your friends change, your situation changes, and sometimes these changes aren’t within your control. You don’t choose them! They just come, and you have to accept them.

Fear is normal, but if you don’t like something about your life, about your situation, about something you’re going through, change. This will make you happier. Living in a situation that isn’t pleasant for you makes your character slowly become negative.

Have you ever had to change in your life? Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? If so, you can share with us how you felt better: accepting and dealing with the situation you didn’t like or changing everything once and for all by giving it a drastic turn?

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