I Love People Who Look at You with Their Eyes and See with Their Heart

I Love People Who Look at You with Their Eyes and See with Their Heart

Last update: 16 December, 2016

I like simple, transparent people, people who are able to give you an authentic reflection of who they are, and at the same time allow you to be yourself at all times. Without a shred of doubt, it is not asking too much, and for this reason, before worrying about finding authentic people, we must worry about being one ourselves. It is not right to expect others to offer this to us without first offering it ourselves. Those personalities who live life from the heart are those who take up no space; they can easily build bridges. They also do not fill voids, because they create the most essential emotions, the most authentic humbleness.

If you know someone in your daily life who enriches your life in any way – through knowledge, daily support, or that complicity that cannot be explained with words – do not let them go.

It is not easy to find people who truly connect with our essence and at the same time make our life easier without asking for anything in exchange. It is vital that we care for them like the best of all treasures, like the most precious good, because he who lives life from the heart can only offer honesty and reciprocity.

Residents of the heart, artisans of integrity and empathy

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Leading a life entirely from the heart is not easy. In the first place, it requires having gone through a long inner journey to reach an adequate self-discovery. Only in this way can we manage to accept both others and ourselves.

He who cannot accept himself bears frustrations and insecurities inside of him. A soul inhabited by multiple unresolved voids is only capable of seeing their own defects in others, their own faults.

As you can imagine, it is not simple to offer that openness, that sincerity that we let ourselves be wrapped in, receiving that glance from those who know how to care for us, who know how to understand the language of comprehension and of the small details. So then, what characteristics are implicit in these personalities?

There are those who think that sincere, authentic people are “factory-made,” that they are born with that light of theirs. In reality, many of them have gone through a long period in life where they learned to put themselves together, to grow, to mature in emotions, prudence, and understanding.

The foundation of those who know how to live from the heart is knowing how to show empathy. Empathy is the best attribute that our social brain has offered us. I am capable of recognizing emotions in others because at the same time, I recognize and manage my own properly.

He who is able to offer that absolutely integral openness, is also able to feel in their own person what we are suffering, what we are experiencing.

This type of really exceptional “connection” shows up very rarely. So then, just as it is possible to have one or two people with these characteristics in your social circle, it is also possible for you to be this way: someone who lives life from the heart.

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Living life from the heart is feeling the wounds of the world

Sometimes, it turns out to be easier to lead a blindfolded existence with our heart covered in patches, avoiding all feelings, protecting ourselves at the same time from painful sensations. In some way, it would be like following that famous premise of “not feeling so as not to suffer.”

That being said, in reality, you will always found greater authenticity in people who follow their path with sure feet, smiling at the world, with strength and wholeness, without caring if they have broken the bones of their spirit.

We could say that true knowledge falls back on the people who have suffered at some time in their lives and who have known how to act with resilience, learning a lesson, knowing that they are stronger now. Having said that, there are occasions, when that inner strength does not necessarily mean that we are invulnerable to the pain of others.

He who has experienced some painful event, be it a loss, a disappointment, or any traumatic experience, is going to be more sensitive to the wounds of the world, to the emotions of others.

Their looks are wiser and more skilled when it is time to use their intuition, to notice, to perceive certain worries of ours. If this is the case with you, if you are one of those people who is used to feeling the pain of others very intensely, empathizing with everyone around you, you will know that daily life can turn out to be not as easy as many people think.

Living from the heart is more intense, more pure, and nobler, but sometimes it also hurts. It is not your job to save the whole world; it is not your obligation to heal more than your own heart…

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That said, we also cannot forget that sometimes, there is no better comfort than feeling like you are listened to, cared for, and understood. If, as they say, the universe always starts in us, the best way to offer love is by starting with comprehension. It is worth it.

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