I Learned All About Love From You, Even Though You Wouldn't Teach Me Anything

I Learned All About Love From You, Even Though You Wouldn't Teach Me Anything

Last update: 29 January, 2017

From very a young age and virtually no inner maturity, I was taught what love is. A form of love that did not come from an being unconditional, but that may appear like a ray of light in my person, my essence.

I was growing up, maturing, listening and one day, thanks to an exciting relationship full of obstacles, I realized that I was living in that kind of love. That was when I wrote this statement on what loving someone in a relationship is not, at least in my humble opinion.

The letter comes from my deepest essence “Hello stranger. Yes, of course I will call you stranger because I really don’t know who you are, because after years that allowed us to work the inner the discovery of each one of us, I perceive you and I feel you to be like a complete stranger. I surely thought I knew you as the guy you are, or at least that’s what I always tried.”

“I love how she loves love. I know no other reason to love than to love you. What do you want me to say besides I love you if what I want to tell you is that I love you? “

-Fernando Pessoa-

I didn’t fall in love you you, but rather with what I wanted to find

Today I realize that I fell in love with a perception, an idea of you. Never what you already were, with all your soul. I try to understand that the person for whom I did so many unconditional things, without asking for anything in return, is now just someone who just keeps a look of loneliness.

hugging couple-1

I allowed you to divide my heart into pieces, opening my reality to a huge desire to love in the most beautiful and sincere way possible.

Many of your friends, even you, will think that after what you did to me how I can still say thank you. I’ll be happy to explain that many of the things I saw in you were my own reflection. Those actions and emotions that I couldn’t maintain, at least in a healthy way.

I have to thank you for so much

As you can see, you represent one of the most beautiful gifts a human being can give to another. The realization of what you really crave, what your essence is safely able to carry out, and by everyday blocks sometimes escapes us like water through your fingers.

I will never get tired of saying thank you from the heart and with true love, because I learned that I can be the best version of myself with someone, but only if I have established it with myself beforehand. I learned that I myself am the one who sets the limits on how much I deserve to be loved and if necessary I have the freedom to leave for my reasons.

Thank you because I learned that not all people act honestly, because I can never be sure that someone speaks the truth. My one and only mission is to trust and give a love that I would never ask to be reciprocated, only that it come from reality.

i like people who touch my sould without permission-4

You allowed me learn that love is not selfish, that when someone loves you purely they accompany you in your triumphs. They never make you feel insecure or belittle you. Because everything I lived and experienced by your side allowed me to grow and to forever recognize the woman I am.

Therefore, I feel enormously grateful. I thank you because you let me find the mantra to accompany me for the rest of my days “in life, sooner or later everything happens for something tremendously beautiful and positive. This too shall pass and from it I will learn a precious lesson.”


“I love you to love you and not to be loved, since nothing pleases me more than to see you happy”

-George Sand-

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