Enjoy A World Without Limits

· August 10, 2016

You’re born, and you suddenly find yourself in a world that’s all there for you. For you to enjoy without limits, for you to take advantage of every day. You have before you a gift that you can’t take for granted, that you should be very thankful for.

The best of all is that it’s never too late to learn this. It’s never too late to make it a priority.

Your age doesn’t matter if you believe that everything you’ve done in life was worthwhile. And it doesn’t matter how late you realize this if you’re able to look at the future with eagerness.

“You’re the perfect age to be happy, and you have enough energy to make your life an inspirational adventure.”


You see the colors you want to see

Life is an adventure, and as such, it’s up to you to collect things that make you happy and to face challenges that will make you grow into a better person.

Usually, the things that will make you grow are also the most painful, or at least the most emotional: the death of a loved one, a pregnancy, a marriage, a breakup…

Only you have power over your attitude towards things that happen to you.


Your attitude is the best tool you have to focus on where you want your life to go. In fact, a positive attitude will make even your worst experiences a little bit better. The color of the world can be a little bit warmer and happier if you want it strongly enough.

“Life is short. Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never stop smiling no matter how strange the reason. Life might not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here, let’s dance!”


Attitude, plus the possibility of the impossible

The possibility of the impossible is proportional to the attitude with which you face the challenge. In other words, we should wake up each day ready to face life as it is: unique, passing, ours.

Inevitably, things will happen that slow you down, but that is exactly why the world has made us so strong: to develop control over our emotions, and to overcome obstacles, barriers, bumps in the road, and impossibles.

What would happen if you entered into a cycle where life didn’t matter to you? You’d lose a large part of who you are, and everything you could be. And then death would come, and only then would you remember what we said at the beginning of this article: the world is there for you to enjoy without limits, so that when the time comes to say goodbye, you won’t regret anything.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

You should only regret the things you didn’t try, because you already know that making mistakes is part of life. Mistakes and their negative consequences, along with bad experiences, are to some degree the price we pay for the joy of the good times.

railroad tracks

The world has no limits, but it demands balance; our emotions need highs and lows. But they form a part of your life, and experiencing highs and lows means that you’re taking advantage of it.

Like the humans that we are, we are doomed to make mistakes. But we’re also free to understand what happens to us and act on it, to decide what we want to give to others and how to do it, to see what other people see in a different way, and to enjoy it to the fullest.

You are capable of changing the color of your world and overcoming the impossible. Remember this quote from Mario Benedetti: “perfection is a polished collection of mistakes.”

And you’ll only know what those mistakes are if you dare to make them…