There Are Hugs That Give Us Chills and Recharge Our Hearts

There Are Hugs That Give Us Chills and Recharge Our Hearts
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

Sometimes hugs can give us goosebumps, sometimes they recharge our hearts. They are given to us by those people who can heal our wounds with a gentle caress, accept life with infinite kindness, and decorate all the difficulties with their smiles.

Sometimes an embrace can, almost literally, rescue us from being lost at sea, put back together our broken parts, break our fears, soften our weaknesses, and create a work of art with the pieces of our heart.

Because they surround you with love, they fill you with fulfilled dreams at the same time they find within you many desires. They make you see life in another color. They support you when faced with adversity. They help you to listen to yourself, to understand yourself, and to transform yourself.


hugging under tree hugs

We ask for hugs for the good of everyone

The best part of the psychological benefits of hugs is that they share and are shared. There is no place for selfishness in a sincere hug. There cannot be inequality or imbalance.

Therefore, it is good to release ourselves from modesty. To give hugs and we ask for them, too. It is important that we reinstitute the habit and culture of giving hugs. Thanks to hugs, we experience, feel, and reconstruct emotions that we had previously banished.

There are hugs that make the moment, that make our day, that make our life… There are signs of divine unconditionality and through them we know that the fact that we are broken makes us indestructible. It makes us strong, beautiful, and brave. 

girl with plant hugs

We keep ourselves whole through self-hugs

We get goosebumps from the heat of the hug and the intensity of body on body contact. However, many times the cold from an absence or from the difficulties and uncertainties of life can burn us, drown us, and exhaust us.

There are times we don’t have the chance to receive those hugs that comfort us so  much, and resisting makes things more complicated. We don’t have these hugs because we don’t have anyone next to us who remembers us. However, being persistent in our goals is key to our success.

So, in the midst of that undeserved loneliness we have to be able to see the that twinkle of our own bravery is the light that shines the way of our path. We have to be able to see that we can hug ourselves and that, in fact, it is sometimes necessary and amazingly beneficial. 

Instead of saying to ourselves that we don’t have the strength to carry on, we have to give ourselves hugs, we must embrace our weaknesses, make ourselves strong, adapt to the weight of exhaustion, mobilize our stride, and prepare ourselves for battle. 

girl in sunlight hugs

Only in this way, by hugging ourselves, will we be able to anchor our lives with our dreams. When doing this, it is always good to remember the poet and writer  Mario Benedetti and his beautiful words. His are words charged with strength that embrace us and give us chills, and touch us in the most profound ways.

Don’t give up, you still have time to reach out and start again, 

to accept your shadows, to bury your fears, 

to free yourself from burdens, to take flight again. 

Don’t give up, for that is life; 

it is continuing the journey, it is pursuing your dreams,

unshackling time, shifting the rubble, 

and revealing the heavens. 

Don’t give up, please, don’t give in, 

even though cold may burn, although fear may bite, 

although the sun may hide itself, and the wind may fall quiet. 

There is still fire in your soul, there is still life in your dreams. 

girl surrounded by butterflies hugs

Because life is yours, and so is desire, 

because you have loved it, and because I love you. 

Because wine, and love, do exist, that is true. 

Because there are no wounds that time does not heal. 

Open the doors, unbolt the lock, 

abandon the walls that protected you, 

live life and accept the challenge. 

Recover your laugh, rehearse your song,

let down your guard, and extend your hands,

unfold your wings and try again, 

Celebrate life and regain the skies. 


Because each day is a new beginning, 

because now is the time, and the best moment. 

Because you are not alone, because I love you. 

Mario Benedetti

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