A Healing Woman Looks at Life with Love and Kindness

A Healing Woman Looks at Life with Love and Kindness
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 21 February, 2022

All loving women are healing women. Women who are filled with strength, who nourish those around them with their kindness, who look at life with those calm eyes, who are open to their identity, who heal with a kiss.

A healing woman is she who fills others with energy, who conveys and floods them with affection, who hugs with love, who takes her secrets to a new level, who digs deeper, who is generous, who knows how to forgive, who moves through life with grace, who teaches wisdom.

A healing woman is human, compassionate, aware of her power, of her inspiration, of her permanence, of her chaos and her order, the defender of her life, of her needs, of her dreams, and of the many things she has forgotten.

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The gift of being a healing woman

This is why a healing woman is one who stays if she comes into your life. She is the one who holds onto your heart forever, who steps with strength, who is aware of what is going on around her.

She does not know perfection or imperfection; she simply is. And with that power, she helps others simply be.

Being a loving woman is not always easy; there are lots of things to fight. They have to fight against everything that does not allow them to feel what is being conveyed at all times, that tries to manage our rights, that tries to subjugate our dreams, that undermines our needs.

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So, being a healing woman is also saying, “enough,” not allowing slavery, being herself, not needing, but loving without measure and above all possibilities.

The strength of a woman’s love

There is nothing as strong as the love of a woman who strives for her wellbeing, who accepts herself, who understands her present, and keeps in mind her past.

Through her experiences and her knowledge, the healing woman shares the profoundness of time, the transcendence of longing, and the importance of amassing achieved dreams.

All women have inside their soul a warrior that moves them, that gives them light, that offers them hope, strength, and weapons to fight. It is this inner warrior who has healed their wounds, who has helped them through betrayal, disappointment, and rejection.

And that light is the same that makes her mature and intelligent, lets her know how to manage herself, balances her intuition and reason, make the art of life more beautiful as well as the fight against her adversities.

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The woman’s heart: an ocean of mysteries

The heart of a loving woman is an ocean of mysteries filled with fish that glow when it is dark, which makes it as strange as it is magical. The heart of a healing woman is something that connects the depths of countless mysteries.

It is a heart that beats for itself, that is bursting at the seams with respect, security, strength, intelligence, and affection. These are the principles that support the healing woman, she who looks at her life in a generous way, she who does not tie herself down.

This makes her actions tie together and come into balance with feeling and thinking, makes the woman aware of herself, of what she is, of what she has been, and of what she is able to become. Because the best cure is acceptance…

The healing woman is she who is dressed with strength and dignity, with keys that open doors to fairy tales, with make-up of reality with its nuances of vividness, with a collection of motives, with reasons that clings to…

The healing woman is the sweetness of another being for the soul, the friendliness and sensitivity of one who listens, of someone who treats herself with respect and values others as a treasure. That is what defines the loving woman, the healing woman.

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