Only He Who Gives Love Will Be Able to Receive Loyalty

Only He Who Gives Love Will Be Able to Receive Loyalty

Last update: 18 November, 2016

Loyalty is something many people talk about, and which everyone says they put into practice. However, when the moment of truth arrives, all of these words fade into nothing. Loyalty is based on respect, and respect is nothing more than the fruit of love. The most sincere form of affection.

This term is more than a simple personal value, it is a form of inner fulfillment that we should know how to practice. Because loyalty is the most authentic way to connect with someone, as well as with ourselves. It’s vital that we be loyal to our instincts and intuitions, to our values as well as the people that nurture and shape our hearts.

Only he who gives love can receive loyalty. Thus, loyalty can accept and tolerate mistakes, but never betrayals. 

A heart that is capable of treating itself and others with respect and caring has the opportunity to foster much more harmonious contexts and dynamics and, of course, can build more loyal bonds. Happier ones.

Let’s put it into practice.


Respect, loyalty and bravery

We know that many times “the magic formula” doesn’t work. He who treats others with respect doesn’t always receive respect. Offering love doesn’t always equate to being able to receive it. However, the fact that it doesn’t always happen like this doesn’t mean that we should stop putting it into practice.

First of all, what you should practice every single day is loyalty towards yourself. Let’s give various examples so that you may understand it a little better. Imagine a person who remains with their partner despite the fact that they were unfaithful to them. Imagine a professional who is forced to perform various tasks that go against their values, only because their superiors order them to.

Think about, for example, kids who undertake certain career paths just to meet their family’s expectations of them. It is clear that in none of these cases is loyalty towards oneself being practiced. He who doesn’t support the voice of his heart and let’s himself get carried away by external loyalties, will feel and promote is pain.


Loyalty demands a great deal of personal bravery. Because to be ourselves, we will have to undergo more than one battle throughout the path of our lives. And this, is something we should be clear on from the very beginning.

Nevertheless, only he who is able to connect with oneself to practice the authenticity of the mind and heart will be able to give the best of themselves to others. This sincere, authentic and respectful love will also promote the ability to be treated with loyalty.

Treating others with love, a change of perspectives

Wayne Dyer was one of the most well-known psychologists and authors of self-help books in the last couple of decades. His trans-personal approach exalted, above all, the classic need to turn a thought around in order to create a new reality.

Let’s do this now. It’s possible that many of us have internalized the idea that treating others with love is something useless and frustrating. Because sometimes, he who invests in love only obtains disappointments, never loyalties.

We invite you to follow Dyer’s proposal, to change a few perspectives, certain thoughts. Do this in order to improve our reality a little.


The first aspect we should keep in mind is without a doubt personal integrity. Our words always say what we would like to be, but our actions show who we really are. If you believe in respect, offer it. If you defend loyalty, return it to someone who offers it to you daily.

Behave with caring, believe in humility and always show reciprocity. If what you receive in return isn’t what you expected, at least you will have been loyal to yourself.

Loyalty always speaks in a tranquil, calm language. Forgive mistakes, be complicit, trust in people until they show you otherwise, and be capable of showing a calm, respectful heart even when the horizon shows a storm approaching. This will allow you to always maintain a great inner peace.

Remember, above all, that love is synonymous with loyalty. It is an implicit pact that you establish with your partner, family or your children. Thus, if you love someone, don’t betray them. And if you don’t love them, don’t create false illusions or attempt to demand loyalty from them.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.