Discover the Magic of Love on a Rainy Day

Discover the Magic of Love on a Rainy Day

Last update: 15 November, 2022

They say that love appears when you least expect it, without you looking for it or even wanting it. Love is capricious, and it can even show up on a rainy day.

The streets fill with cars and umbrellas of all shapes and sizes and colors. A warm drizzle covers everything under its refreshing blanket, with a halo of suggestions, rushes and shoves. Until out of the blue, something happens. A fleeting encounter, a smile, a gesture, and two hearts are suddenly smitten with one another.

“The Blue Umbrella” is a delightful short from Pixar that plays with the elements of a city on a rainy evening, in order to harmoniously compose a delicious love story.

We are sure that after watching this short film you will no longer look at rainy afternoons the same way again. And furthermore, when you find an abandoned and battered umbrella, you won’t be able to simply walk past it and ignore it. Surely this marvelous short film will pop into your mind.

We want to delight you with each scene and with the wonderful music. Because together they orchestrate a unique piece of art that many different aspects could originate from. We invite you to reflect upon them.

Rainy days and a rebelious umbrella

blue and red umbrellas

Have you ever rebelled against something because you were anxious to reach your objective? In “The Blue Umbrella” we are clearly urged to think about this. Its a reminder to take risks when destiny, chance or the magic of life puts something within your reach that is worth fighting for.

They say that the rain is just tears falling from heaven, and that stormy afternoons refine human emotions as if something instinctive was guiding us. As if we were suddenly freed from our shells and became freer entities.

A romantic encounter full of magic

Surely it has happened to you as well, finding an everyday broken object on a random sidewalk, like a sad throwaway that has fulfilled its purpose after a battle with heavy rains. What stories could an umbrella tell us? Saschka Unseld was clear of it: it must be a love story.

In “The Blue Umbrella” we discover an encounter full of magic between a blue umbrella and a red umbrella. The city is covered in the bustle of the rain, and everything simply goes about its everyday routine: a procession of dark umbrellas come and go, they go into metro stations, hail taxis, all the while sheltering humans that are encapsulated within their umbrellas…

Among this sea of dark umbrellas, our two protagonists stand out. These two beings that don’t ever want to part ways again after that brief and fleeting chance encounter.

Nevertheless, the inevitable happens. The blue umbrella, taken along by its owner, must part ways forever from the red umbrella. Now, does this happen? Are they separated? Not at all. Our main protagonist rebels and flies out of its owners hand. He floats above and through the asphalt jungle, among the cars, the people, the sewer drains…

blue umbrella flying through city

This short film shows us an example of the bravery and spontaneity that we could all use a little more of when it comes to love. At times, we need to show that touch of “controlled madness”, with which we could leap towards what our heart dictates.

Life always goes beyond our comfort zone, beyond that edge where the dark umbrellas roam. If rain is chaos, love is even more chaotic. Hence, when magic appears, we shouldn’t let it escape. Only time will tell us what decisions we should make, whether it’s worth taking a bigger risk, or if it would be wiser to go back.

But when you are smitten with love, when chance presents you with an opportunity, don’t hesitate or be indecisive. Every moment that we don’t have the guts to experience is a page of our existence that we will regret tomorrow.

We are sure that after watching the blue umbrella, a satisfied smile will be drawn across your face. You’ll even enjoy seeing how inanimate everyday objects that can be found in every city come to life to facilitate this encounter. So tell us… do you also enjoy rainy days?


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