Seeing with the Heart

Seeing with the Heart

Last update: 28 July, 2022

—Go and look at the roses; You understand now that yours is unique in the world. You’ll come back to say goodbye to me and I’ll tell you a secret.

The little prince went away to see the roses and said:

—They are not at all like my rose. No one has tamed you, and you have tamed no one. You are how my fox was, who was in no way different from a hundred thousand other foxes. But I made him my friend and now he is unique in the world.

The roses felt uncomfortable listening to the little prince who continued by saying:

—You are very beautiful, but you are empty and no one would die for you. Anyone who sees you will undoubtedly believe that my rose is the same as any of you. But she knows she is more important than all of you because I have watered her, because it was her that I put under the lantern, because I have killed worms (except two or three that turned into butterflies) for her, and it is she I heard complain, praise and sometimes be silent. Because she is my rose.

And again he went back to the fox.

—Goodbye, he said.

—Goodbye, said the fox. Here is my secret, which could not be simpler: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes.

—What is essential is invisible to the eyes repeated the little prince in order to remember.

—What makes your rose important, is the time you have spent on her.

—It is the time that I have spent on her…repeated the little prince in order to remember. “


Recalling this lovely piece from The Little Prince, today we bring you some of the most beautiful lessons that Saint Exupéry left with us.

Firstly, we remember the importance of the little things, those that go unnoticed. We must give the little things the merit they deserve because one day we will realize that they are our greatest feats.

What is little for many, it is a lot for others, which is why we should appreciate simple things like a good morning kiss or a kind gesture. Encourage your partner, your family and yourself to appreciate small pleasures, notice that they are the ones that make us feel good and make up the aroma of our memories.

Remember that the same way a sea is composed of water droplets, one day is made up of tiny seconds and a life of countless experiences. Love is formed by small details and you are composed of these little experiences that make you unique.

Everyone tries to do something great without realizing that life is made up of the most basic things. Be honest with your need to do the right thing at all times. Your inner voice will tell you that you don’t need spectators in order for you to feel good about yourself.




But this beautiful moment in the story of The Little Prince also has other lessons; one of the most important is that true beauty is on the inside. It is the only beauty that does not perish, the only one that cannot be taken, and that can only be seen when you look into the eyes of the soul.

We are all concerned about appearances and try not to appear quirky or clash with the conventions that imprison us and do not allow us to show the world our splendor. But beauty is not measured by what we can see at a glance, for true beauty is an attitude.

The reality is that there is no makeup on the planet that can beautify an ugly heart. Recognizing this is extremely important to our self-esteem.

Someone with inner beauty loves life and rises above his or her voids and negative feelings. This type of person is dedicated to enlarging his or her inner world, making it more extensive, not clinging to emotional comfort and selfish motives.

Be gentle, do not allow yourself to be hardened by the pain. Do not let the pain fill you will hatred, do not let bitterness control you. Create your own beauty, one that can not be defined in words and cultivate yourself with small details.

Because only with the heart can one see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye...

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