What Your Movie Theater Seat Says About You

What Your Movie Theater Seat Says About You

Last update: 03 November, 2015

Psychological tests come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them are really interesting. And this one definitely awakens our curiosity. This test indicates your personality based on the movie theater seat you choose.… So, where do you sit?

The movie theater seat test was invented by the Japanese psychologist Hiromi Mizuki. According to this psychologist, there are various theories about how our heart and brain functions could influence our movie theater seat choice.

It’s a pretty interesting and fun test, though it’s for you to decide whether you think it’s accurate. To do this test, choose which seat you’d rather sit in at a theater, and we’ll tell you what kind of personality you have.

movie theater seats

The movie theater seat test results: 

If you chose group A

You’re a secure, determined and assertive person since these are the best seats in the theater. Therefore, you’d need to arrive early, reserve the seats, and definitely do something to take control of the situation.

If you take a look at the diagram, you’ll see that it’s not a far-fetched idea and that these truly are the seats everyone always wants. But since we always leave things for last minute, delegate things to other people, or whatever reason it may be, some of us never get these privileged seats.

If you chose group B

You are calm, serene, shy and suggestible. These seats offer you an ample view of the screen, but they are a considerable distance away from the prime center seats. It’s the type of seat a film critic or someone who arrived late would choose.

Take a look at the diagram and you’ll see that this is the type of seat that offers you some space, tranquility, and allows you to feel like you are by yourself. This also isn’t the type of seat everyone would like. The reason is because it’s too far away from the screen. This means that even if you arrive late, they are usually the ones that remain available.

If you chose group C

You are sociable and like to be connected to others, since you’re sitting in the area which allows you to take in the whole screen. You like strong emotions and having good friends, which you’re always willing to help when they need it.

If you choose this seat, you surely like to experience strong emotions, because all of the visual and auditory impact of the movie will go directly towards you.

If you chose group D

You love privacy. You don’t like being observed or calling attention to yourself. That’s why you chose the seat that lets you easily exit the theater if you need to go to the bathroom. You don’t talk at all while the movie is rolling and all your attention is invested in the film.

When you’re making friends, you very carefully choose people who make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Looking at the diagram, this is a very discrete seat choice.

If you chose group E

You’re a curious person that likes to watch what others are doing, but don’t like to be observed yourself. Also, due to its discretion and privacy, it’s also the seat of choice for lovebirds.

If you chose group F

These are the seats that offer the worst vision and, therefore, they’re for those who tend to accept their fate without complaint and with submission. The truth is that you have to have a lot of stamina to stay in this seat. 

Of course, often times we can’t choose our own seat and have to sit wherever there are free seats left. In this case, the test doesn’t apply to us. But the test might apply for the people around us who have had the opportunity to choose a seat in the area they wanted.

So, what group do you prefer to sit in?

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