Emotional Emptiness Is a Heavy Burden to Carry

Everyone at some point has experienced the sensation of emotional emptiness. It's a feeling where nothing completes you and you feel completely discouraged. However, what can you do at these times to change things?
Emotional Emptiness Is a Heavy Burden to Carry

Last update: 01 December, 2021

Have you ever felt that nothing made sense? That it doesn’t matter how much effort you put in, everything still goes wrong and you feel like you’re missing something even if you seem to have it all? You probably wonder why this happens. What’s behind this emotional emptiness? As a matter of fact, this feeling appears either when things go wrong or, when you get good results, but they’re not what you really want.

At this point, you feel as if you’re in a dark cave and can’t see the exit. In fact, some psychology professionals liken it to peering into a well.

It’s almost like a kind of vertigo. Furthermore, it makes you feel really alone. It’s a feeling of unease that’s difficult to control and makes you feel as if nothing and no one could comfort you.

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How do you behave when you feel emotionally empty?

There’s no exact science to tell you that, when you feel like this, you’ll behave in a certain way. However, it’s common to resort to extreme kinds of behavior. For example,  smoking a lot, eating a lot, drinking a lot… often without even being aware of it.

In effect, with this type of behavior, you’re trying to calm the anxiety that’s causing you to feel so unsatisfied with the life you’re leading.

Why do you feel emotionally empty?

One of the questions you find yourself asking when you feel like this is WHY? As a matter of fact, it’s usually due to a lack of self-esteem and the image you have of yourself. Your self-concept.

Over the years, it’s likely that you’ve developed a series of expectations, beliefs about yourself, and even about life. However, when those ideas don’t develop as you expect, or they fail to meet your expectations, you begin to get discouraged. When these feelings are prolonged over time, emotional emptiness appears.

How can you make emotional emptiness disappear?

The first thing is you

Starting to accept what you can’t change at this particular time, and lowering your levels of frustration can be a good start. However, sometimes you don’t know how to do this. If that’s the case, you should seek professional help.

Learning to love yourself, while you’re getting to know yourself, can be a great help in learning what you really need in your life and why what you have isn’t working. In fact, you often feel like a stranger to yourself. Furthermore, you direct your actions to a totally different destination from the one you really want.

Inertia doesn’t help

The same law applies in the emotional world as the physical world. In other words, every instance or object, faced with a null resultant force applied to it, tends to maintain its inertia. Unfortunately, this inertia often doesn’t help you and you have to use your resources or your will to change it.

Don’t stop and stare

Life passes in an instant and you mustn’t waste it. However, when you feel emotionally empty, you have a tendency to wait for a solution to appear or for your feelings to disappear. In other words, you don’t think you need to find a solution.

It’s extremely important to keep busy with things you like or to learn new things. In fact, perhaps by opening your mind, you’ll be able to quench that uneasy feeling. Remember, every day is an opportunity to face something new and to continue learning.

Problems are challenges

Sometimes, when you feel incomplete, the horizon you see ahead can become really dark. It consists of your mental filters and your biases, along with feelings of inertia. They cloud your thinking.

Here, your attitude is important. If you view each problem as a challenge and not a problem, you can change your approach. Consequently, each step that you take will become a small achievement.

Face reality

Many times you refuse to see reality. In fact, you might be determined to fit in with something or you refuse to accept a certain situation. This is a real mistake because it causes you to be continually dissatisfied with both yourself and others.

For this reason, it’s important to face what you feel in front of that person, thing, or action and start facing reality.

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The importance of emotional intelligence

Sometimes, your own emotional emptiness lies in an underdeveloped sense of emotional intelligence. As a matter of fact, your life is directed by your emotions, although many times you’re not aware of this. However, when you have control over your feelings you know how to manage your emotions and you don’t rush into an emotional void.

Nevertheless, this isn’t an easy task. Furthermore, there’s no instruction manual. In fact, you often make mistakes right from the start by not being able to identify the particular emotion you’re feeling. In addition, you have a tendency not to listen to yourself and this prevents you from developing emotionally.

Once you know how to control your emotions, it’ll be easier for you to manage them. Furthermore, you can focus on improving your own well-being as well as dealing with your good and bad emotions in the best possible way.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.