Don’t Speak Unless What You're About to Say is Beautiful

Don’t Speak Unless What You're About to Say is Beautiful

Last update: 17 July, 2016

Aren’t you a bit tired of people whose only intention in speaking is to do damage to others? What do you think of those whose mouths only spit out lies? What about those who try to convince us that white is really black – have they not become tiring enough? To all of them, I would ask that they not open their mouths unless they were about to say something beautiful.

I become disgusted at the amount of people who only open their mouths to harm people, or simply for the sake of appearances ; or maybe because they need others to know they exist . However, the tedium I feel for these people has begun to cause true indignation in my mind.

Silence over stupidity and falsehoods

To all those beings who feel the urgent need to constantly lie, I ask that you please read the Hindu proverb below. Silence can be beautiful enough on its own , especially when everything you wish to say is not only untrue, but also nonconstructive.

Therefore, since it seems that people are becoming more talkative with each passing day, and feel the need to make use of negative communication, I ask you to please think before saying anything, and study your words well, because if they are not beautiful, constructive or provide something of value, it may not be interesting to hear them.

“When you speak, see that your words are better than the silence.”

—Hindu proverb

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In addition, I would like to mention that certain users cause great damage through their use of social media. This is a new world which many exploit to launch barbarities without considering the consequences, while believing that the absolute truth is on their side.

To all those people who tend to use their words for the sole purpose of lying, damaging and criticizing without any consideration or positive value whatsoever: think that in such cases, it is much better and wiser to make use of silence , or, if this fails, to simply say something beautiful.

“There are silent people who are much more interesting than the best speakers.”

—Benjamin Disraeli

The beauty of words

Fortunately, we humans have language entirely at our disposal . The use we make of it will depend on what we want to achieve. But this wonderful tool for communication has fantastic words which we can turn into truly beautiful instruments.

Isn’t it nice when you can use words to tell the person you love how much you care? Is it not beautiful to tell that special someone with whom you share your heart how much you love them?

Family and friendship are two vital elements of most people’s existence. We find support in our loved ones whenever we come up against life’s concerns. They bring us under cover and protect us from the cold. Is it not beautiful to use words to express how important they are in your life?

Even in the workplace, beautiful language must not be forgotten . Any team will work much better if personal connections are encouraged, and everyone practices thoughtful consideration. In this sense, it is much better to positively motivate coworkers, while also being attentive and creating an enviable environment in which to share experiences and responsibilities.

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Language is beautiful

Language, a gift which humans have developed over centuries, is beautiful . But many people are bent on perverting it, and making illegal and malicious use of these words towards unclear and very damaging interests.

But what need is there of this? Is it not much nicer to enjoy beauty instead of perverting it? Is a positive and valuable critique not more interesting than a vulgar and malicious comment?

That said, I implore all those people who seem to enjoy hurting others with every word that comes from their mouths, stop using words to do damage, and instead start looking for the bright and benign part of all you are able to say , because it is beautiful to always speak as though you’re seeking the positive side of life.

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