Improve Yourself Instead Of Criticizing Others

Improve Yourself Instead Of Criticizing Others

Last update: 11 February, 2016

There is nothing more exhausting than listening to someone criticizing everything that moves. Living surrounded by this particular type of negativity makes us feel terrible, because the words and attitudes of a critic are like a virus that invades our minds and causes destruction.

It’s better to just remove yourself from critical people, because they poison us and cause us to lose our emotional balance. Living peacefully is invaluable, so we shouldn’t let anyone infringe upon our physical and psychological space.

One of the best indicators of emotional poverty is dedicating one’s time and effort to criticizing others.

Happy people don’t talk badly about others

How much time do you spend each day listening to criticism? A little? A lot? Well it’s time to step aside and move away from the situations and people that are endangering your well-being and your emotional balance.

Dedicate your time to improving yourself and your surroundings. This will serve you in two ways: you’ll maintain a healthy attitude towards life and you’ll lead by example.

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If, instead of pointing out other people’s flaws, we occupy ourselves with correcting our own mistakes, we’ll achieve the highest level of emotional wellbeing that exists. So we should focus on excelling at the personal level so we can earn sincerity, respect, humility, generosity, and honesty.

We’re not perfect and we shouldn’t try to be, but it is important to maintain a constant attitude of improvement that offers us the possibility to live our lives without submitting ourselves to the emotional states of others.

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What other people think of you is their own reality, not yours

There are people who speak their opinions about us, our lives, our decisions, and anything around us. They do it even though nobody even asked them to, a nd they tend to be malicious. Their only objective is to cause harm and to devalue and spite others.

Generally, it’s people with low self-esteem who don’t accept themselves, so it’s hard for them to accept others. These people assign labels that reflect reality the way they see it, projecting their emotional difficulties onto others.

The most unhappy people in the world are the ones who worry too much about what other people think.

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The emotional harm of criticism

“Don’t pay attention to things that people do or don’t do, pay attention to what you do or don’t do.”


Start to heal your emotional wounds, keeping in mind that everyone is unique and exceptional. You don’t need anyone else’s opinion to live your life. You are an adult who, in your own full power, can make your own decisions for yourself.

Make your own emotions and feelings count, and don’t be afraid to think and feel for yourself. Listening to constant criticisms and jokes can affect anyone, even if it’s not you who’s doing it.

Don’t forget that with pointless criticism comes great emotional poverty If you don’t enrich your emotional world, if you live isolated within your resentment and don’t let anyone help you, you’ll become emotionally selfish. Get away from this type of behavior, keep yourself happy, and protect your inner world.

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