How to Develop Your Masculine Energy and Achieve Your Goals

If you have a multitude of ideas and projects that you can't seem to bring to fruition, you may need to develop your masculine energy. Find out what it is and how it can be useful to you.
How to Develop Your Masculine Energy and Achieve Your Goals
Elena Sanz

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz.

Last update: 10 November, 2022

Are you a really creative, idealistic, and dreamy person, but find you have difficulties in reaching your goals? Do you have many ideas and talents, but find it difficult to put them into practice? It could be because you don’t know how to develop and take advantage of your masculine energy. This is the drive for action and decision that lives in all of us.

It’s not a question of gender. In every human being, are the two opposing yet complementary tendencies of masculine and feminine energy. However, it’s common for women (due to their own gender roles) to experience more difficulties in connecting with their active, firm, disciplined, and secure side.

This is hardly surprising, as these kinds of characteristics don’t tend to be encouraged during girls’ childhoods. And women who do exhibit them are often branded as arrogant and domineering. This can generate a fear of being rejected for adopting these really essential attitudes. Nevertheless, if we want to progress, be successful, and live in harmony, we all have to learn to integrate and balance both energies.

Masculine energy

Masculine energy (as well as feminine) is an archetype. It’s a representation of certain mental and emotional characteristics and behavioral tendencies. Masculine energy is related to logic, action, and firmness. It’s a success-oriented, proactive, decisive, and competitive energy.

Feminine energy is linked to emotionality, cooperation, flow, and receptivity, while the masculine is related to rational analysis, individualism, and determination. To achieve a goal or carry out a project you need both energies. You require both reflection and originality and discipline and action.

If you reject your masculine energy, your ideas, dreams, and goals will likely remain unfulfilled. That’s because you won’t find the strength and decision to start them, let alone get results. If you identify with this situation, we’re going to give you some advice to help you develop your masculine energy.

man thinking
Masculine energy is proactive and success-oriented.

How to develop your masculine energy

At the social level, certain characteristics of masculine energy are promoted and rewarded, but in a negative form. However, these qualities of excessive individualism, competitiveness that destroys others, and a lack of empathy aren’t the way to go. In fact, to reach your goals and do so in harmony, you must embrace the lighter side of masculine energy in the following ways:

1. Learn to set yourself goals

Do you already have a clear idea of what you want in the long term? Have you imagined what it would be like to achieve it? While this is necessary, it’s not enough. Therefore, it’s time to set clear goals for yourself. Define in a logical way what your goal is and what steps you need to follow.

Put your feet on the ground and take on this more practical and less creative task. Put it in writing if necessary. Masculine energy urges you to have direction and to be clear about the next steps you’re going to take. Organize yourself. You can start right now.

2. Take action and make decisions

It’s only natural that you feel fearful and doubtful when it comes to getting started, especially if your feminine energy predominates in you. To break this inertia, take action now, even if you feel uncertain.  Take the first step that you’ve designed for yourself with courage and without hesitation. As you start to move forward, you’ll become more decisive and confident.

Be proactive. Don’t wait for the perfect moment when you’ve got everything under control or for someone to come and take you by the hand. Take decisions, make changes, and move forward decisively. If you fail, you can readjust your plan and learn from the experience, but don’t allow yourself to remain paralyzed. It’s the very act of taking action that’ll give you the boost you’ve been waiting for.

3. Persevere and discipline yourself

If you haven’t developed your masculine energy, you might find yourself getting carried away by complacency. Indeed, feeling that you’re already doing enough and being too lax with yourself is often an excuse for not making an effort. But if you adopt this attitude, it’s highly likely that you’ll never reach your goal. In fact, you’ll probably start a multitude of projects but not finish any of them.

Persevering and disciplining yourself means committing yourself to what you know you must do. It means standing firm in the face of any laziness and demotivation that may arise along the way. Put aside your emotional part that acts based on your desires and preferences, and start fulfilling the commitment you have to yourself.

Woman working
To develop masculine energy, you have to set goals, be disciplined, and make decisions.

4. Don’t be afraid to compete

Finally, you may be reluctant to go after your goals for fear of what others may think of you. Perhaps you’re afraid of being branded as ambitious and selfish. However, masculine energy invites you to trust in your plans and abilities and fearlessly expose what you can contribute. It encourages you to be clear about the value of your proposals so you can pass them on to others without hesitation.

You might prefer to work in a team and are more focused on offering support to others. But if you want your goals to materialize, you have to be able to compete, prioritize yourself, and act individually without feeling guilty. Remember that this doesn’t imply harming anyone and it doesn’t make you a bad person.

In short, developing your masculine energy means allowing yourself to express your potential for decisiveness, self-confidence, and drive that lives in all of us. Embrace your rational, determined, and disciplined side. It’ll ensure that the creativity you possess will bear fruit.

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