Constant Friendship in a World Full of Change

Constant Friendship in a World Full of Change

Last update: 01 October, 2017

Thank you for being my constant in a world full of change. For multiplying my happiness and dividing my sorrows with your friendship until they almost disappear. For being someone who leaves a mark that’s difficult to erase.

Thank you for preserving the same value even when everyone else changes. For staying by my side in a world full of possibilities. For not letting the probability of something going wrong prevent you from being there. You never lose value, no matter how much time passes.

The thing that probably left the biggest impression on me is that you are what drives me year after year. You make me just want to thank you for reminding me of the hope and innocence of new beginnings. For seeing me as a fighter and an example when all I see is a ball of fear.

Thank you for your friendship and for everything that keeps us united despite the distance between us. Thank you for being my number one when people try to make me feel like nothing. Thank you for taking away the power of zero, the king of my fears.

Thank you for being my inspiration and encouragement

Thank you for being my inspiration and encouragement, no matter what step I choose to take. Even when I make mistakes, I’m okay because I know that you’ll never leave my side. I love that you understand that mistakes can be corrected and there’s no need to get swept away.

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Our lives are intertwined. Even though our paths are parallel right now, they’ll cross again. Maybe we’ll go through a linear transformation by adding things that unite us and bring us closer together.

Thank you for teaching me that two people are be an entire world, and one person is half of himself, and that’s something that clashes with every kind of mathematics. Because the reality of friendship is something that only those friends can understand and explain.

I love having a constant support that not even time can change. Our friendship is like a harmonic mean that physics can’t seem to calculate. Thank you for understanding the force of attraction that united us in a time of difficulty and remains constant during such difficult times.

Steadfastness holds friendships together

Steadfastness holds friendships together. In an ever-changing universe, having constant support like yours is priceless, and there’s no obstacle that can make us doubt our bond. It’s almost like we’re playing a game of dice, and every time we roll, chance would have us roll double, just so we can win.

Thank you for reminding me that only those who keep pushing themselves a little further can break past their limits. For teaching me that regardless of whether we change jobs, houses, or cities, the bond that unites us will always remain strong. Because there are no limits to our friendship; it remains constant despite all the variables that present themselves.

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But most importantly, thank you for bringing out the best version of myself, for giving me a hand with the pieces I had to rebuild when all I would have done is put a bandage on them. I’m better because of everything you’ve done and all the advice you’ve given me. I’m better because you listen to me and then give me the hard truth so that I can react to it and avoid getting hurt again.

Above all, I’m better because you’ve taught me that when I’m selfish and choose to walk alone, it distances you from me. Now I understand that my own triumphs are not the same as the ones others have helped me achieve. Thanks to you, I’ve learned that what’s ours is more valuable than what’s mine.

Remember that the difference between wanting to do something and being able to do it is believing in yourself. Remember that it’s normal to have doubts. Remember, especially when you feel like your strength is diminishing, that you can count on me to hold up your dreams for a while so they don’t fall down. I’ll be here to do it for you the way you’ve done for me.

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