I Choose Who I Want In My Life

I Choose Who I Want In My Life

Last update: 21 February, 2022

You wanted to be there when not even I wanted to be with me. You walked by my side in my darkest times, when I was giving myself the cold shoulder. I choose you in my life because you make me be a better person, because I do not know how to laugh or cry with anybody the way that I do with you.

What is certain is that I choose you because I decide who to have close to me, for we already know that it is one of the few things that we really have the freedom to choose. As for me, nothing makes me happier than sharing my life with the people I love by my side.

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One of the reasons why I want you to be in my life is that you have shown me that you want to stay in it. Maybe that is even the most important thing: nobody can add more to our lives than those who honestly want to do it. As we are meeting new people, we never know what role they will end up playing in our lives, but soon we understand that every detail counts when deciding whether to stay or leave.

This is why I am sure that I am right about you: you came without making too much noise, simply wanting to know me, then later showed me that I should keep you with me, asking in exchange only that we take care of one another through the good times and the bad.

I also choose who I don’t want in my life. What happens is that nothing in our lives is certain and especially not our relationships: nobody can assure us that our biological family, for example, will be the ones we call family when all is said and done.

In the end, the people we love are really the family we have, the one we choose, or the one we allow to be our family. As for those who end up being toxic relationships that bring nothing to our lives, it is better to let them go.

I still have the desire to ask you to stay, but I won’t do it. There are things that must come from within a person, like staying, wanting to stay.”


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I am happy with the people around me

The advantage to making decisions is that we can get rid of many of the things that are hurting us. The same thing happens with people: deciding who you want to share your life with allows you to trust in your own happiness, in staying with those who make your life stronger and happier.

Choose those people who hug you in the good times and the bad, those who enjoy your victories and share your defeats. The greatest advantage of having the people you want by your side is not knowing who benefits more from the relationship.

Flee from the people who give you bad vibes and surround yourself with friends who really love you and who enjoy life. Remind them many times each day how important they are to you if you need to and show them that you can do the same for them, too.

Do not let time pass without making the decision to love yourself and let yourself be loved: make a choice, choose whoever deserves to be there and care for them forever.

Never forget that it is often easy to remember a bad action and not to remember all the good things that a person has done for us. Dare to practice the virtue of forgiveness if you really want to have that person in your life and give them a chance: you decide.

“Stop wasting time on the wrong people and those who don’t allow you to be happy. If someone wants you in their life, they will make space for you without you needing to fight for it. Never stay with people who constantly ignore you. Remember, do not value the people who are by you in the good times, but those who are by your side even in the worst.”


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