A Calm Sea Never Made an Expert Sailor

January 31, 2017

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to look at the sea perhaps you’ve thought that it is one of those places that seems to belong to everyone and anyone at the same time. The sea is the echo of life that sometimes stops caressing and other times escapes from any hand.

While calm, every good sailor gets comfortable and contemplates its beauty. From that corner there is no danger, just tranquility.

However, sometimes the waves break hard on the rocks and the storm shows its anger over the sea. Then the sailor who survives is the one who neglects his comfort and decides to face those terrible moments that threaten his home. For he who decides to challenge the water must also be prepared to face it wrath.

The comfort zone does not allow us to grow

With life on earth something similar happens. Experiences and teachings will come, especially to those who are able to leave their comfort zone. Leaving one’s comfort to face the unknown is certainly an incentive of life.

worried woman

In fact, we often think we are not responsible for what happens to us when in reality what happens is that we prefer to leave it to what we call luck or fate. It is precisely the moment when we achieve that routine when we can come to feel that there is nothing to change, however, were we wrong.

“Life is like a journey by the sea: there are days of calm and stormy days; the important thing is to be a good captain of our ship. “

-Jacinto Benavente-

By staying in the comfort zone we miss opportunities to continue maturing and learning. We need the possibility of being shipwrecked to learn to mature with it, endure the winds winds, look at the face of that which arises spontaneously and shakes us, to want to go beyond to touch the soul; something we’ve never touched and long for.

The sense of security

The sense of security when we have achieved a balance can be a trap. When we experience security, everything that directly or indirectly implies change causes us fear. However, do not forget that the fears are there for us to dominate, not to dominate us.

butterflies pulling a canoe

Knowing security means having taken an important step, but daring to find out the laws of a rough sea is a sign of courage: one who ventures to search without limits can achieve proficiency in all situations of their life.

Not taking a risk doesn’t make you lose, but neither will you win

As mentioned, not taking a risk to make decisions that allow us to discover new things can lead to passivity and non-action simply to avoid failure. However, we also eliminate the possibility of success.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

-T. S. Eliot-

Humans lean towards control and balance in our daily lives, thinking that it is the emotional well-being that brings us happiness. In this way, we forget that psychological growth also requires risk: how are you going to get that job you want so badly if you do not take risks to try? Thinking that you will not get it and standing still will give control, but not satisfaction.

woman under white flowers enjoying being happy

In this sense, we got used to listening to “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” and believing it completely, without understanding that, unconsciously, advice like that encourages us to remain static and not fight for what we want.

And, the sailor knows that the ferocity of the sea can lead to death but also that facing this state is the only way to fully enjoy your life and love what protects him from its destruction.

Taking Risks Allows Us To Grow

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