Keep Your Brain Youthful with 3 Everyday Habits

Keep Your Brain Youthful with 3 Everyday Habits

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Do you ever feel you aren’t able to remember things as well as you used to. Maybe you feel mentally heavy when it comes time to organize your work day, goals or simply find the resources to face your day to day life.

If this sounds like you, someone has likely told you, “that is normal at your age,” trying to make the matter less heavy or serious.

But it’s good to remind yourself that the evolution of mental agility isn’t necessarily associated with your age. The brain is our body’s processor. While you maintain your neuronal plasticity, the functions it is in charge of will remain intact.

Thus, we can always gather tools and advice to maintain our cerebral functions, as if we were talking about a child or a teenager. This way, we foster our enjoyment of a young, healthy brain and all of its potential.

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There are many people within the fields of science, politics and leadership that have been known to continue learning and developing while enjoying an ever-youthful brain, and without losing their mental faculties. So, why do some of us suffer from a more significant cerebral aging than others?

Various scientific investigations have found the answer in that this difference is due to the process of cerebral aging. Today we will discuss how to maintain your brain youthful with 3 everyday habits provided by science.

Practice reading 

Reading encourages us to visualize and create a completely new world based on the pages we read. This helps us stimulate and develop active thoughts that employ the neurons of the brain.

Due to a constant functioning of our neurons while we read, we prevent their death by facilitating their longevity and promoting the development of new pathways that communicate the information thanks to their plasticity.

For this, I urge you to start reading much more frequently. Try to remember the story and possible events you have created or the endings you have formed based on what you have read. While you read, you’ll be activating your creativity, exercising your brain in a different and fun way. 

Train your breathing 

There are many people that due to accidents, experiences or serious situations, lost certain cerebral capabilities during a few seconds of not being able to breathe. This is due to the fact that oxygen flow is an important key to the healthy functioning of our brain cells.

The habit of knowing how to breathe is one of the healthiest there is. It includes refraining from smoking, promoting breathing exercises and taking care of your breathing. Activities that allow us to feel closer to our mother Earth: parks, hikes, walking through the woods and the countryside. Dare to perform physical exercises where you will learn to breathe appropriately, such as running or swimming.

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Get out of your comfort zone 

Routine tends to not be good company to a healthy, young brain. Staying in a rut doesn’t promote the development of new paths and networks within the brain to find new options. Thus, set new goals for yourself. Make a list of the things about yourself that you would like to improve or change in a positive way.

Don’t let your day to day problems stop you, simply waiting for others to solve them. Integrating this very intelligent habit into your life will help you stimulate the connections within your brain and maintain your essence. Your essence meaning that which allows you to always find the strength required to reach your full potential. And thus, enjoy your life and live fully.

Put into practice the games and activities that you find slightly difficult, such as crafts, crossword puzzles or sudoku. Remember that our brain is constantly changing throughout our lives. And you always have the option of learning and acquiring new skills, keeping your brain young, healthy, and strong.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.