Be True to Yourself

02 August, 2016

Be true to yourself. That’s a maxim that you should never forget, because there is no other way of making things happen. If you have dreams and hopes, you are the only person capable of making them happen.

So, if you seek happiness, if you seek that special corner from which to enjoy your world, family, friends and everyday pleasures, there’s only one simple and yet complex phrase that you should never forget: be true to yourself.

Be true to yourself and improve your world

“There’s only one small part of the universe that you know for certain can be improved, and that small part is you.”
-Aldous Huxley-
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We live in a vast, daunting universe, so cyclopean, that is too complex for the human brain to understand and calculate. It is therefore necessary to know that we are tiny specks of dust in a vast desert of sand.

What good is it to see how two small specks of dust fight each other in the immensity of the great flaming ocean of sand? Wouldn’t it be better for us to dedicate our time to ourselves, to seek out our dreams and longings?

As Aldous Huxley said, we are only conscious of ourselves, of our existence, and that is the parcel that we should improve. Be true to yourself if you wish to see your goals and dreams accomplished.

Because there is something unalterable in this universe of vast proportions, and it’s the fact that we’re here. We’re a small voice in this immense space. But nothing should keep us from being heard.

If you want something to happen, be true to yourself. Don’t hesitate to develop your personality, deepen your mind and heart, and discover each one of the secrets that your soul is keeping.

Be true to yourself, not the person others think you are

“We only become what we are from a complete and deep rejection of what others have made us.”
-Jean-Paul Sartre-

Always be true to yourself. Beyond talk, empty words that others say about you, beyond opinions that are often too fleeting, voices that have nothing to offer you…be yourself.

You should never forget that you and only you are the person that can make something happen. Beyond wind and tide, if your personality is strong and your predisposition is firm, you’ll surely succeed.

Always keep in mind that the road is full of thorny roses and rocks to trip your step along the way. Nothing is easy. We won’t always find others like us to pave our way. However, we should never forget the important mantra: be true to yourself.

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Be true to yourself to make your dreams come true

We all have dreams. Beyond the reality that surrounds us and the world that we have created around us, we always keep within our soul those intimate desires that we would like to one day see turned into something tangible. Who is keeping you from doing it?

In general, we are our own biggest enemies. Since reality is tenacious and the world becomes a great tide that drags us down, it’s very hard for us to row in the direction we would like, because many times it’s against the current.

However, no matter how complex the task may be, being true to yourself shouldn’t be an option, but a necessary requirement. Being true to yourself, you’ll always know that you can enjoy the victories, learn from the defeats and find your true path and real, intimate personality.

However, if we simply become leaves that get dragged by the current, we’ll forget and leave behind everything that makes us happy and human, such as dreams and longings.

That’s why I bid you farewell with this mantra: be true to yourself. And if you must fail, do it yourself, don’t let others do it for you. And if you must triumph, drink up the nectar of success yourself. Don’t let others take away your victories.