Bad Times Bring Out Our True Friends

Bad Times Bring Out Our True Friends

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Certain friends in our lives help keep us from falling during our most complicated moments. Friends that offer us their time and affection so that we may feel better. A shoulder to cry on that won’t ask for anything in return. Instead they obtain satisfaction when we get that emotional relief we so desperately need during hard times. These are our true friends.

That’s why, as people tend to say, during your worst times, you’ll find out who deserves to be there with you during your best times. Because these people are like your anchor to reality. They are a source of support, a latch to your life and the good things it holds.

That’s why our time, wrapped or not, is a marvelous gift. A gift that is based on reciprocity. A good that is so appreciated, that we should be very careful with who we give it to. Not every cause is worthy of it.


We tend to think that the people around us should read between the lines. To the question “What’s wrong?”, we tend to answer with “nothing”. Or simply say a few words. We make the mistake of being stingy when it comes time to put our most anguishing emotional experiences into words.

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