Admit It: You're Beautiful

Admit It: You're Beautiful

Last update: 10 August, 2016

Beautiful people are everywhere, because each one of us emanates beauty; with our sensitivity, the expression of our emotions, the love that we share, and with each one of the acts that spring from the goodness of our hearts.

Nature itself has given us the gift of beauty, a quality intrinsic to the human being; a key quality that all people possess. Beauty does not belong to a small few, nor is it reserved for more privileged people. It is inside each of us and we have the ability to discover it and start exploring!

“Beauty is the appreciation, sensitivity to things that surround one: nature, people, ideas.”

There are no people who are somewhat beautiful; just people who are more curious about their nature and are able to observe and express all the beauty that lies within. This way, they’re making their lives an experience worth admiration for the goodness and love that they are capable of harboring and transmitting.

Look at yourself: you’re a beautiful person

Look at yourself: you’ll see a person who has been on many different paths throughout their life. You have had a journey fraught with difficulties ever since birth. You have faced pain, suffering, bitterness, loneliness; a multitude of difficult decisions to face; doing the best you could at any given time.

You’ve had to deal with yourself, your indecision, your emotions, your feelings. All that you have lived and experienced to be who you are today, with a little more knowledge learned about yourself and the world in which you live along the way. You’ve earned the sensitivity to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

“The most beautiful people I have met are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, humility and a deep loving concern. The beautiful people do not come out of nowhere. “
-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

woman at sea

Listen to yourself and be amazed

Listen to yourself, you have acquired a special sensitivity to give value and meaning to everything you live through, to appreciate every moment, treasuring them as unique gifts. You just need to listen to yourself, take care of yourself and trust in what you feel. All the beauty that you are able to perceive on the outside is thanks to your inner state.

“Everyone wants to be beautiful, but because they do not know how to be, are still making up her face, cutting hair, trying on this dress or the other, dieting or all sorts of things, just to be beautiful. But they do not know that will not help them much. Beauty is inside. Once it is there, pool, begins to radiate your body, your mind, all the things that you’re made. Once your inner beauty is there all embellished “.

You will better recognize and perceive all of your beauty when you hear yourself, when you keep yourself in mind and pay attention to your needs. Being a beautiful person does not depend on anything or anyone except you. It’s your responsibility

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Be thankful for your beauty

Being grateful for what we are and what we have is a sign of humility and compassion. We should strive to get to a place where we can accept ourselves as we are, so that we can forgive ourselves and reconcile with all that we dislike and reject about ourselves.

The beauty is in your attitude, your thoughts, your ideas, your beliefs … in everything that you share with others. In your strength to overcome, and your desire to live; in all the emotions and feelings that you experience, in everything you do from the heart. Everything about you is beautiful.

Watch yourself, listen and admit it: you are a beautiful, lovable and caring person. You deserve your respect, your admiration and your complete understanding. Do not beat yourself up or push yourself more than necessary. Your value as a person is above any and all conditions. You are life itself and it’s in your hands to take care of it.

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