Beauty Is an Attitude

Beauty Is an Attitude
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Beauty attracts and fascinates. We like agreeable faces, well-proportioned bodies, and smiles that give off an unexplainable seduction.

Physical attraction will always be powerful and that is something nobody can deny. However, beauty without charisma is hollow and empty, because in reality, what really conquers is a person’s attitude towards life.

We live in a society where everything has limited use and where consumerism puts us in more of a hurry than we should be. Zygmunt Bauman defines this modernity as a liquid society made up of fragile human relations.

Everything flows too quickly and escapes our grasp, because we don’t strive to contain it. The new and beautiful are valued as a reflection of the purest consumerism.

Anyone who focuses only on appearance is condemned to a kind of “programmed obsolescence.” Their useful life will be short, only as long as their youth lasts. They will be left with an inner emptiness, low self esteem and an absolute dependence on outside opinions.

Beauty should be more than just a physical wrapping. It should be an attitude on life.

face with butterflies

The beauty of authentic people

There are people that possess an unexplainable secret. Maybe it’s the tone of their voice, serene and kind, like they’re never in a hurry. Or maybe their look, attentive and wise, capable of reading gestures and minds.

Why is this? These people have solved their insecurities, uncovered their flaws, and at the same time, they have an inner knowledge without hesitation or doubts.

Being beautiful is something genetic, you can either have it or not, but the authenticity that gives off that attractiveness that lasts and really captivates a heart is something that we learn through the years, and that we enjoy once we find it.

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The power of the beauty that makes itself

We all have an inner space where we hide our frailties. There are those that feel insecure about those few extra pounds, those wrinkles that are already showing on their faces, or that nose that was never as pretty as their sibling’s.

Prioritize yourself above everybody else, above every comment, attack or scorn. You are more than those words. You are your attitude, your strength, and your ability to be happy. If you connect with that inner confidence that gives you self-esteem and the calming effect of those that enjoy it as is, you’ll conquer a lot of road ahead.

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