9 Tips to Help You Value Your Life More

9 Tips to Help You Value Your Life More

Last update: 28 January, 2016

Searching for how to be happy and to feel good about ourselves and the life we lead is a task that many of us have yet to accomplish. A fundamental guideline, like a first step, in order to do this is the following: it is necessary to learn how to fully know ourselves and to know how we want to live life. 

The moments when we confront our fear are when we find ourselves closest to our conscious,  this personal understanding that allows us to know what we value and what we do not, what we want to happen and that we, as humans, are searching for internal enrichment.

The moment in which you are honest with yourself is when you will reach your emotional peak, by listening to your heart and your most brilliant desires, your dreams and your goals for life. That is when you know “what you want”  and, most importantly, how you want to achieve it. 

We all know in our heart of hearts how wonderful life is, especially when we are happy and we aspire to be each day. For this reason, today I bring you 9 tips on how to appreciate and value your life more.

They are simple guidelines that allow you to subtly change how you live your life and perceive the world.

What are the 9 tips to value your life more? 

1. A balanced diet. 

Almost all current illnesses are caused by bad dietand also originate from being overweight: diabetes, bone problems, risk of heart attack or circulatory problems are the most common.

2. Stay in shape. 

Being in good physical condition is extremely important, equally for both the body and the mind. It allows us to feel balanced with ourselves and “love ourselves,” which makes us much more aware and able to value a field more expansive than what is around us now. To do that, exercising regularly helps us to take care of and maintain a balanced body weight and protect our immune system. It also allows you to free that excess energy built up from the day that could turn into anxiety, depression, or stress.

3. Live a healthy lifestyle. 

Lifestyle is linked to and derived from our way of being, from how we want to confront our problems and how we handle our personal relationships. All of this conditions us to feel one way or another. Therefore it is important to decide how we want to live,  and the figure our the lifestyle that fits us: doing things quickly and under stress or taking our time and doing things at a healthy pace that allows us to also enjoy ourselves and the people around us.

4. Give the best you have. 

We did not come to this life to be martyrs or to necessarily have great success. The only thing that is written is that what you can achieve and what you can’t in this life greatly depends on the effort you put in and how much you believe in yourself. If you give the best you have in everything you do, you will begin to attract positivity.

Life gives you what you give it and when you are ready with an open heart and you dare to give it with care and affection, you will receive the gift of happiness, optimism, and true love. In this way, you will attract many opportunities. If you focus on the negative, you will build barriers that will blind you and will not let you see beyond yourself.

5. Don’t limit your thoughts. 

We are all unique and amazingly capable. There is a great phrase that I love to use: “if you are able to dream it, it is because your body is able to do it.” 

Many times, we limit ourselves unjustly. Learning to be conscious of our negative thoughts is a necessary exercise. We are all able to do what we want, we only have to open up and believe in ourselves. The most important thing is to never, ever stop trying. Just trying will bring you great surprises.

6. Take care of your self-esteem. 

It’s true that the education we receive does not help us to take care of ourselves and to love ourselves. When we are children, we are much more protected and are practically not afraid of anything.

I invite you to make an honest list of what you would have dared to do when you were a kid but now as an adult you would not, so you can be more aware of this. It is important that you don’t determine who you are for or because of others , or be afraid of embarrassment. In the end, it is you life, and each person has their values and ways of seeing things. What do you gain from not being accepted? You will feel happy from having dared to do something. So, dare yourself and do it. 

7. Don’t hang on to the past.

It’s normal that with the passing of time, your body drags with it an emotional weight of all the bad moments that have taught you many things in many different situations, that today you are now able to confront. But you should not constantly be turning to those moments. Letting them go is very important for internal growth. Don’t live with the mistakes of the past. Love yourself, accept those mistakes, and observe them as experiences that let you improve in the future.

8. Don’t depend on others. 

The first principle for enjoying a simple and incredibly happy life is feeling good about yourself in solitudeHuman beings are great in many ways, and especially at being social. But it is important to be aware of the fact that, within the learning of life, being happy with yourself first will allow you to be happy with others.

It is amazing to share your life with other people, but if one day a relationship ends, you should be able to move on. The only person you know you will always be with is yourself.

9. Balance your body and mind. 

It is necessary to feel good about yourself and be consistent in your actions.  If you reach a balance between body and mind, you will lead a healthier life and be able to share the best of your heart and yourself with others.

Tell us how you feel if you decide to put these tips into practice, and share your positive feelings. There are times in which we are not aware that with small steps we can achieve great things and reach the places we want to be. Motivate yourself to happy. You deserve it!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.