7 Traits of Truly Authentic People

7 Traits of Truly Authentic People

Last update: 29 March, 2016

Do you know authentic people? Are you one of them? Do you how what they’re like? It’s possible that you may have lived or currently live with this type of person and you don’t even know it. These people are a gust of air that refreshes your life and fills up any space they may be in. They are easy to identify, because when they come into your life they overflow it with good vibes, joy, and inspiration.

They are pleasant and make anybody around them feel good and confident. Authentic people make you feel so good because they allow you to be yourself. Around them you can forget about fronts and preconceived ideas. They know that everyone is special, and they’ll make you feel special and unique. Up next we’ll name the main traits of authentic people.

1. Authentic people make their opinions heard and aren’t afraid to express themselves 

Authentic people know that there are few reasons for opinions to be kept hidden. If these people have something to say, they’ll simply say it. Yet, they’re always careful not to harm or hurt others with their opinions. They try to make themselves heard and assert their opinion, but they don’t want to hurt anyone.

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Often times, we prefer to hide our opinions, because we’re afraid we’ll be criticized. Authentic people know that criticism is very common, but it isn’t always related to who we are. They understand that others’ opinions about them are simply that, and aren’t character judgments. One of their best qualities is that they know that opinions shouldn’t be taken personally.

“You shouldn’t fear people with different opinions, but rather people who have a different opinion but are too cowardly to manifest it.”

2. They act based on internal reasons not external ones 

When was the last time you did something because you wanted to? Authentic people govern their lives by their own scale of values and only do what they want. They know that they can’t depend on others to be happy or to achieve their goals. They are independent and willing to take risks in order to reach their desired destinations.

3. Their best friend is their “inner self” 

Authentic people are very different from each other. Some of them have many friends, because they are good at relating to others. Others are more introverted and prefer to have few friends that are very close. You’ll never make them do something that goes against their scale of values, and their inner dialogue is a positive one. They don’t sabotage themselves.

4. They avoid passing judgement 

Authentic people know that it’s not easy to follow your own path. That’s why the don’t waste time judging you. It’s likely that if they have something to tell you or a sincere opinion, they’ll let you know. Later they’ll forget the whole thing and let you make your own decisions. You can count on them to be honest and can always expect their sincere opinion.

5. They know and value their individual characteristics 

Though the media and advertising tries to convince us that certain beauty standards are appropriate, authentic people know that everyone is special. They don’t worry about following the established beauty patterns. They focus on knowing and valuing themselves for who they are. They also know their flaws and weaknesses, and they’ve learned to take advantage of them or reduce their negative effects.

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6. They don’t give you advice they wouldn’t follow themselves

Authentic people know that criticizing, judging and excessive talking is negative. They also know that giving an opinion or piece of advice is easier than following through with it. Therefore, when you ask for their advice, they think about it thoroughly before giving it. You’ll be able to identify them, because they are the ones who give you the most realistic advice. And this is due to the fact that they’re speaking based on their own experience, because they won’t suggest that you do something that they wouldn’t do themselves.

7. They take care of themselves physically and emotionally 

Authentic people value who they are and do everything they can to maintain their mind and body in shape. They take the time to perform beauty rituals, exercise, watch what they eat and take care of their interpersonal relationships. They know that life is about setting priorities and giving each and every one its due importance and time.

Authentic people breathe easy and allow the people around them to be honest. Maybe you’re one of these people but you hadn’t realized it, or may you have an authentic person by your side. If you have one of this type of person by your side, value and accept them because they’ll do the same for you.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.