28 Memorable Quotes By Krishnamurti

28 Memorable Quotes By Krishnamurti

Last update: 25 January, 2016

Jiddu Krishnamurti was an Indian thinker who left an important legacy of reflections. This worldly man did not recognize any nationality, religion, social class or race. His thoughts were focused on promoting harmony and breaking down all kinds of borders.

He received the United Nations Peace Medal in 1984. He died at age 90, but his work has been translated into several languages ​​and continues to inspire readers all over the world.

Below, we offer some of his most important quotes for you to reflect on.

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  1. “Between two solutions, always opt for the more generous one.”
  2. Only if we listen can we learn. And listening is an act of silence; only a quiet, yet extremely active mind can learn. “
  3. “Only the individual who is trapped in society can influence it fundamentally.”
  4. “Have you noticed that inspiration comes when you are not looking for it? It comes when all expectation stops, when the mind and heart find rest. “
  5. “Freedom is essential for love; not freedom from a revolt, not the freedom to do as we please or to openly or secretly give into our passion, but rather the freedom which comes with understanding. “
  6. “What is crucial to bringing peace to the world is your daily behavior.”
  7. “Beware of the man who says he knows.”
  8. “Fear corrupts intelligence and it is one of the causes of egotism.”
  9. “When the mind is completely silent, both on the outside and inside, the unknown, the immeasurable can be revealed. “
  10. “By giving a name to something we have simply put it in a category, and we think we have understood it and we do not look at it any closer. But if we do not name it, we are forced to look at it. That is, address the flower, or whatever it is, with a sense of novelty, with a new quality of examination: we look as if we had never looked at it before.”
  11. “By sowing wheat once, you reap once. By planting a tree, you reap tenfold. By teaching the village, you will reap one hundred fold.”
  12. “Life is an extraordinary mystery – not the mystery that is in the books, not mystery that people talk about, but a mystery that one has to solve for oneself. That is why it is so important for you to understand what is small, limited, trivial, and go beyond all of that.”
  13. “When one is aware of everything, one becomes sensitive, and being sensitive is having an internal perception of beauty; it is to have the sense of beauty.”
  14. “The truth is what frees, not the effort to be free.”
  15. “Freedom is to recognize limits.”
  16. Wisdom is not an accumulation of memories, but a supreme vulnerability to the truth.”
  17. “One cannot be put in a psychological prison if he is already there.”
  18. Evading a problem only serves to intensify it, and in this process the self and freedom are abandoned.”
  19. “Nationalism is a process of isolation that causes wars, misery and destruction.”
  20. “Intelligence is questioning the method.”
  21. “Love itself is given just as a flower gives its scent.””Without meditation life lacks perfume, it lacks love.”
  22. “They have to insist that they give them the kind of education that encourages them to think freely and without fear, to help them investigate, to understand. They should demand it from their teachers.”
  23. “A religious mind is one that is a light for itself.”
  24. “No one understands first and then acts. When we understand, that absolute understanding is the action. “
  25. “This means they must police themselves, that they must realize more and more the influences that seek to control them and dominate them; it means that they must never accept unthinkingly, they must always question, investigate and be in a state of rebellion. “
  26. Just watching requires amazing clarity; otherwise, we cannot observe.”
  27. “For political and industrial reasons, discipline has become an important factor of this social structure, and it is our desire to have psychological security to accept and practice various forms of discipline.”
  28. “When we say we don’t know, what do we mean?”

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