9 Things We Should Remember About Life

9 Things We Should Remember About Life

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Have you stopped to think about all the beautiful things that surround you? When was the last time you were thankful for the little things and the good times? It’s surprising how easily people forget what’s important and instead pay attention to totally irrelevant things.

Maybe we should get in the habit of repeating to ourselves, again and again, that life is beautiful, with all its ins and outs, and realize that when balancing the two, the good outweighs the bad.

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When things don’t go as expected, when you feel depressed or like the world is crumbling down around your feet, remember the following “facts of life:”

  1. Being busy isn’t synonymous with being productive. Everyone around us can be running a mile a minute, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily doing anything to fulfill their dreams or achieve their goals. Running from one place to another, constantly checking your phone or going to ten meetings in one day, is no guarantee to success…quite the opposite! Productivity is related to concentration and focus.
  2. Fear is the reason behind your regrets. Be careful with fear, it loves to kill dreams. This silent but very present enemy will grow increasingly, if you let it. Fear keeps us from taking the next step forward and meeting our goals. But it doesn’t end there (as if it wasn’t bad enough already) because we then regret everything we didn’t do
  3. We don’t need an apology to forgive. If we sat around and waited for everyone to apologize, we’d be mad at everyone! Forgiveness doesn’t only concern the forgiven, but also the “forgiving.” Don’t forget that hatred, anger and resentment make us sick and don’t allow us to move forward.
  4. You have to make mistakes to be successful. Just like the storm and the rainbow. If you never make mistakes, how can you succeed? Until you learn to understand your mistakes, you won’t succeed. Think about the scientist’s attempts before finding the answer to their hypothesis or the times you had to fall off your bike until you learned to ride it.
  5. You live according to what you’ve built. A similar saying is “you reap what you sow” and it really is true. You’re not a victim of circumstances, fate or whatever else you want to blame. Your decisions and actions have led you to where you are today. You have two options: to move forward or complain about your mistakes.
  6. Self-esteem is sustained from within. No matterhow many people tell you “Your hair looks so cute, What a great presentation at the meeting” or compliment you for a great grade on a test, none of it will matter if you don’t have self-esteem. Take other people’s opinions into account when they’re positive and constructive, not when they’re trying to bring you down. And remember: if you don’t love yourself…who will?
  7. We’re a reflection of those around us. While it’s true you can’t always choose the people around you (family, work colleagues or college) you do have the ability to choose who you relate to and who you don’t. Try to be around people who make you a better person, not worse; that help and inspire you, not that denigrate you and make you feel inferior.
  8. Change is inevitable. we change every day, like it or not. To start, we have 24 hours more to live than we did yesterday. We typically don’t like the unknown because it makes us uncertain. We stick to what we know because it inspires confidence. But this isn’t always the ca
    se; sometimes change is necessary to grow and develop, to move forward and achieve our goals.
  9. Live in the moment! There’s a reason that today is called “present.” Because it’s a gift! And it’s the only thing you can be sure of: yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is a mystery. No matter what you’re going through, you can’t change anything but the present.
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