12 Things We Should Learn From Children

12 Things We Should Learn From Children

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Children have the ability to infect us with their enthusiasm, their zest for life, their joy, and their way of adapting to changes easily. They embody the impulse to live, the desire to know and are the greatest example of daily fun.

As small as you are, you still teach me so much

“As small as you are, my child, you teach me so many things. You make me feel like the world is much nicer, more fun and interesting, and less complicated than we sometimes think. You are the one who makes me feel how important it is to laugh about any silly thing.

I know your love is sincere, without masks, like the funny words you say that sometimes don’t make sense, but at the same time make all the sense in the world.

You teach me to see everything with different eyes…with clear and sincere eyes that are not contaminated by the conventions and cliches of society which confine us.

With you, everything is just simply different, new, unexpected, exciting! You love and that’s it, you live intensely in the moment as if it were your last and all of that makes me feel new, active, and renewed.”

mother and daugther hugging smiling

12 things should learn from children

1. Be amazed

Be sure to get excited like a child about a new job, a new love or new friends…even the little things of everyday life or your achievements.

Excitement along with motivation are the engine that takes you to achieve your dreams, do not forget.

2. Do not be afraid new things

It is always better to regret what you have done than what you have not. Do not let phrases like “What if I had gone on that date with that person I liked so much?” “What if I had said yes to that job I was so afraid of?”

Assumptions are not reality and sometimes a bit of risk is necessary in order to continue. Do not limit yourself.

3. Have fun like a child

Leave behind prejudices or the “what will they say” like children do. They enjoy, laugh and have fun because they are not concerned about what people say and live in the moment.

Enjoy the little things, smile to greet the new day and put a touch of humor into your routine.

4. Be curious

When we lose curiosity it is as if we die a little inside. Be curious to learn new things, discover places to visit… Curiosity helps us fulfill ourselves more.

5. Express yourself with sincerity

Adults often are not free to speak. We feel fear or the shame of having our words rejected, of what others will think, or of bothering someone.

Besides, when we always say what others want to hear, we don’t feel good inside. Free yourself honestly by expressing yourself like a child!

If we are not honest,  we also don’t allow others to get to know us or even allow ourselves to know who we are.

6. Seize the moment

They say, “Take advantage of the good times because the bad comes by itself.” Live, enjoy, take advantage of your free time.

Many times when illness knocks on our door or when a loved one is dying, we realize many things. Perhaps we should be more aware that “here” is just passing…

happy girl playing in the field

7. Love without fear

Why do we fear love so much? Children love and that’s it. They don’t think about their pet dying one day or that their childhood sweetheart will just be a memory when they become adults.

Don’t think about tomorrow and enjoy today. Love is one of the most beautiful things you can experience. Why are you so scared? Are you afraid of suffering? Everything passes, as does suffering… but just remember that the good things you’ve experienced can’t be taken away.

8. Adapt to change

Children are true masters at adapting to change. They may change their residence, school and even their country and it’s okay!

So if we’re adults, what’s going to happen? Change always renews and enriches our lives.

9. Don’t be afraid of falling, you’ll get up afterwards

Have you seen a child fall and not get up? Well, life is the same way. Oftentimes, it is just our mind that limits us.

Phrases like “I’m not doing this because…” and “If it doesn’t work out…” just anchor us to where we are, but do not compel us to advance along our path…

Fall to get up again, it’s okay!

10. Don’t listen to adults

We make too many issues about those around us. But, what is it that you want?

Listen to your heart and act as you are.

11. Question without fear or shame

What’s wrong with asking? Do you think you look silly if you ask a question? Not at all, it’s actually the opposite. Asking demonstrates our humility and shows our desire to know.

12. Rest, do not force the machine

When children are tired they go to sleep. Not resting often causes us to experience a chronic stress which does not allow us live. Take a break to regain your strength.

Conclusion: Go back to being a child again and don’t lose your excitement! How do you do it? By always having a child closeby…

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