Who Is Worth Keeping in Your Life?

Who Is Worth Keeping in Your Life?
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

People who make your sorrows go away are worthwhile. Likewise, the people who produce sorrow for you aren’t worthwhile. Because no one who loves you would make you cry. At least not intentionally.

Those who exhaust you should never reach a privileged place in your life. Kick them out. They don’t want the best for you. Your happiness hinders them, either to reach their own or simply out of bitterness.

Those who force you and demand things from you are not worthwhile, nor are two-faced people. People who hurt and destroy you are worthless. Anyone who contemplates your sadness without doing a thing, those who lack a heart, and those who infect your senses.

Someone who steals your light , poisons, hurts, stings or pesters you or doesn’t provide you with relief is not worthwhile or worth your companionship.

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Distance yourself from people who hurt you

Distance yourself from people who cause you harm, who shoot arrows of poisoned feelings at you, who only seek their own interests, who use deceit and false emotions to manipulate you.

It’s best to look at these people from afar and get some perspective. People who cause you sorrow are not worthwhile, though sometimes it’s inevitable to feel sadness due to the existence of people capable of trying to make someone not be happy.

If these people catch you by surprise and you can’t escape, it won’t help you not feel sad, but it will help you question yourself, validate your emotions. Assure yourself that your inner circle really is worthwhile and will always provide you with joy.

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We can all make mistakes

We have to keep in mind that we’re all people, and we can make mistakes that hurt others. Knowing this, we should know that what always prevails is the intention and, of course, when this isn’t bad, we automatically rid our aggressor of blame.

Sometimes we don’t see the consequences of our actions ahead of time and hurt those who love us. This happens this way because we can’t hurt someone who doesn’t care for us, because they have no interest in our behaviors.

In other words, malicious behavior isn’t in our internal code. Thus, if we make a mistake and our intention wasn’t bad, then we must try to correct it, but not feel guilty.

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The smell of unexpected betrayal

Unexpected betrayal has a nauseating smell. It smells of misery and bitterness, of disgust, fear, impotence, rage and pain. And the worst part is that we don’t have to swallow it, we have to engulf it without thinking about it, so the moment will pass as soon as possible.

For a while our land is left devastated, inert, as if it thought someone might destroy it again. There’s something that paralyzes us and keeps us from rebuilding and making new beginnings.

We feel that anything we build would be knocked down with such ease that the effort doesn’t deserve the sadness that it’s disappearance would produce.

Our skin feels fine, fragile, translucent, and yet, the world seems hard and devastating. It’s hard to start over after an unexpected event. It’s hard to once again trust and get back in the game.

We have to be sure that we’ve recovered, that nothing is feeding the wound of abandonment, that we no longer crave revenge or fear a relapse. Otherwise it would be like lending a hand to a gripping pain that destroys us.

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