Trust Your Intuition

Trust Your Intuition

Last update: 16 December, 2015

Sometimes it seems like we have a sixth sense that kicks in when, for example, we are in the presence of a person who might hurt us. We often dismiss this intuitive information because it is not based on rationality.

“Buried in the deepest part of oneself lies an instinctive and sincere  consciousness that offers us, if we let it, the most reliable guidance.” 

-Prince Charles-

Our voice of intuition  is very useful and important as we make our way through the world. In fact, our brain processes a huge amount of information of which we are not even aware.

In other words, when we have a feeling, there is a reason behind it. Our mind works without telling us what it is doing. It sends us messages without explanations. The reality is that though the world is not built to be navigated simply by intuition, it would do us some good to pay attention to that intuition every now and then.

girl blowing numbers off a clock intuition

Intuition is the clarity that the heart knows and the mind ignores 

They say that our intelligence is always right, but that our intuition is never wrong. Even though this isn’t the whole truth, we can say that our conscious mind may at times overestimate its ability to understand and control what we do.

As mentioned earlier, we may encounter something we don’t like but we can’t figure out why exactly. So, in a practically automatic way, we dismiss the information that our sixth sense is giving us; we don’t stop and take a closer look.

In fact, it only takes us about 6 seconds to form an impression of a person. This fairly adaptive ability, to be able to quickly judge whether or not a person may introduce some kind of conflict, is very important for protecting our integrity. This is an example of an everyday situation in which we subconsciously trust our intuition.

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Empathy: emotional intuition

The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from any pain for the rest of your days. 

In emotional terms, intuition can be a very heavy burden. This is where empathy comes into play as an intuitive guide. That is to say, what, if any, proof do we have that any of the emotions we are feeling and perceiving are real?

With time, managing these signs becomes automatic. This action helps us develop our intuitive ability. In love, for example, this becomes especially relevant. Although we don’t know exactly causes us to think that we love someone, we are not often wrong in loving them.

Another important point is whether or not we allow ourselves to listen to our sixth sense. It can be said that the heart does have reasons for guiding intuition, and thanks to intuition, we can protect ourselves from many hurtful things.

In reality, intuition becomes recognition in certain situations. It facilitates the recognition of people, for example, or the recognition of the consequences of everything that happens around us. However, blindly listening and paying attention to our sixth sense can also be harmful. Either way, we have to be careful.

Interestingly, it seems that there exists a basis for affirming that women actually have a greater capacity for quickly distinguishing and reading the emotions of others. For some reason, women are more likely to pick up on signs that tell if someone is being honest, or lying, or if a couple is truly in love.

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The dangers of intuition

Being able to make judgements quickly and without almost any effort can lead us to make mistakes, or can cause us to miss out on a great part of the beauty of life and the company of people who cross our path.

For this reason, we should be try our best to be alert to situations where our prejudices may betray us. That is to say, when we realize that we are simply acting on supposition or reflected feelings, and without a rational basis, we can stop ourselves and think.

There are no mysteries here. The important thing is how we act when we realize this is happening. We cannot let our feelings dominate and rule us, but we must be watchful and take them into consideration at the time of taking action or making a decision. 

Intuition is indispensable; we must give our intuition the place it deserves, and keep it in mind in the same way in which we should confront reality. We must find a balance that allows us to advance in every area of life. 

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