Are You Willing To Take Risks To Find Happiness?

Are You Willing To Take Risks To Find Happiness?

Last update: 31 January, 2018

Have you ever tried to compare the number of negative news items with the number of positi ve ones on TV? Have you ever noticed what the first news items on the radio are? There are so many positive events that surround us that don’t even make the news. It isn’t all bad in this world, there are plenty of good things happening too! Read on to find out what this has to do with finding happiness in this world.

We spend the day surrounded by negative news. The news bulletins are plagued by deaths, murders, accidents, and betrayals. The world is continually growing; science and technology are advancing at a rapid pace. And yet we forget to nurture the most important thing of all –  people.

Trees continue to grow. Every day thousands of children are born. People reach out to other people and help them. Others invent things to make our lives easier. However, the trees that fall will always make more noise than the trees that grow.

I still believe that there are good people. I still believe in charitable people. In people who give without wanting anything in return. In people who teach, grow, and want a better world, and those who try hard and keep going. Unfortunately, though, these people will not be the ones that take up the most space in the media.

We’ve had enough of the risk factors of contracting diseases, the risk factors of not being able to continue with our lives and of hazards to our health. Where, then, are the risk factors for happiness? Read on and discover my risk factors for continuing to grow in happiness. Risks that, if we take them, will enable us to enter the “dangerous” world of enjoyment.

Woman experiencing happiness

“Risk factors” for happiness

Be careful about the “risk” of being grateful to others, and of being thankful for what you have. Be careful about feeling lucky about being surrounded by everyone who loves you. If you thank someone then you “run the risk” of receiving a smile as an answer – a kind gesture from others that makes you feel so much better.

Another “risk” that we can take is to stop, listen, observe and be conscious of what our senses are telling us every moment of the day. Always be aware of what’s going on, in order to remember  and enjoy it. This can motivate us to live the reality we have before us and not the other things that we anticipate and fear. It’s an opportunity to be in harmony with our inner self and feel connected to it.

We run the “risk” of falling headlong into happiness if we crave growth, and if we strive to achieve the things that move us and fill us. We need to continually strive to do better and keep moving forward. Keep on smiling when you get up in the morning, despite the tiredness! Because in that way you’ll create great memories for yourself and, above all, lots of laughter.

Be careful to help others, try to see the positive side of everything, and don’t stop looking for new ways or alternative solutions. Shower others with your love (without going over the top). Organize your day so that you have time for work and also for leisure and for yourself. Dare to keep smiling, whatever the situation. You’ll then come to love your own company more and more.

Hands round baby's feet

Plant the seed and watch it grow

We’ll keep on sowing so that our land doesn’t die. We’ll always have losses and have to mourn them, but this won’t stop us from planting the seeds that will keep the trees growing. Every time someone dies, in another part of the world a new life is born. This life deserves as much attention as the people we are crying for.

Because even if it seems that there is more death than growth, we know that it is in our hands to help others to grow and flourish. Although we are surrounded by negative news, we’ll continue looking for the positive things and looking for life in everything that is still living. It is there if we really look for it, and if we find it then our eyes will be opened to a life of “dangerous happiness”.

If we look closely at what life is offering us then we’ll see there are risks to be taken. If we take those risks then we’ll run the “risk” of “infecting” others and ourselves with our happiness. Are you willing to take those risks in order to be happy?

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.