When They Stop Loving You, You Will Know Without Them Telling You

When They Stop Loving You, You Will Know Without Them Telling You

Last update: 18 December, 2016

That summer day, on that balcony next to the sea, at sunset, my tears rolled down my face, silently, slowly, on their way to the corner of the kisses that you had stopped giving me. Although you told me that you loved me, not even my heart believed you. And after that summer, I slowly distanced myself. I did not see you again, ever again.

If at some point you have felt something similar, you have felt that they no longer love you, do not fight it. You cannot force anyone to love you. Cry, feel your anger, but distance yourself discreetly, say goodbye. Little by little the images will disappear along with your tears.

6 signs that will tell you when they have stopped loving you

When someone does not love you, you feel it, you sense it, and even if you bury this feeling of rejection under a thousand excuses or justifications, it will come to light. But do not fight it, let it go, let it go away as soon as possible, and move on with your life. When they stop loving you, you will know without them telling you.

Girl Curled Up, Sad

1. Your partner will tell you that it is not true, that they do love you

He or she will deny everything. They will emphatically declare that they love you, but their actions will contradict their words. We tend to reveal ourselves through our behaviors, no matter how many words we say or how many stories we tell.

2. Be realistic

Look at your relationship, how it is, how you feel. If you feel bad, if there is something that is not working. If you have discussed it a thousand times but it does not go away, it is time for you to see the reality of the situation. It is difficult, but that is how you have to see it. Do not let self-deception rule. Be honest with yourself and open your eyes to the reality that surrounds you.

3. They will not want to spend time with you

A loving partner enjoys the time that you spend together. Nobody runs away or makes up excuses and activities to avoid seeing the other. If your partner does not make an effort to spend time with you, they do not love you. In general, even if we have many things on our plate or jobs to finish, we all look for a moment to spend time with the other person, or at least to let them know that we are thinking about them.

“Don’t spend time with someone who doesn’t care to spend it with you”

-Gabriel García Márquez-

4. They will not trust you

While distrust and jealousy can come from misunderstandings at the beginning of a relationship, when this distrust continues to exist and is lingering despite having made everything clear, this means that the love has gotten weaker and weaker or disappeared altogether.

5. They will not help you when you need it

It is not a matter of creating a “need” for help that is not real just to draw their attention. It is a matter of a real need for help and our partner does not pay attention to it. In this case, it is necessary to see the facts, to see what is happening and be very honest with ourselves. What is it worth to have someone by our side that we cannot count on when we really need?

6. They will not show you displays of affection

If the hugs, kisses, caresses, glances, sex ended a while back and have not returned, they do not love you anymore. The initial passion has a limited duration, but once that first phase is over, the displays of affection will continue, they will be calmer, but they will persist.

“Love does not need to be understood. It needs only to be shown”

Paulo Coelho

How to forget them when they do not love you anymore

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  • Do what you like doing. You remember that restaurant that you loved going to? It will still be there, go out, it does not matter that you feel alone, enjoy your favorite food, every bite of your life, it is still there for you to experience it. Maybe at first people will look at you for going alone, but after a few seconds, people will stop looking at you and you will enjoy your movie quietly.
  • Say enough. When a relationship is falling apart or everything is over, a corner, an image, a song, a memory, all of that will bring to mind the happy moments and we will let our tears break loose. Let them come out and say “enough.” Stop that memory. Tell it, “It’s over!” Say it out loud, listen to yourself, and little by little, it will get weaker and it will not hurt us anymore.
  • Practice meditation. Meditation is an intellectual exercise whose goal is to achieve a state of concentration on one thought, one object, or our body. There are different medication techniques. Some train your concentration and others train our entire consciousness. Meditate to forget, to concentrate on something else, on yourself. Feel how the solitude caresses and covers you. Enjoy it.

“When they stop loving you, you will know without them telling you. You will feel it in the deepest depths of your soul, because indifference never goes unnoticed.”

-Walter Riso-

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