What Will You Offer to the World?

May 1, 2018

What can you give to the world to make it a better place? What are your goals or dreams? How can you improve everything around you? What makes you special and what do you want to give to others?

The world doesn’t always need complicated gifts. Sometimes the best or the only thing we can offer are small details. The truth is, sometimes you don’t need much more to make a significant change. A series of baby steps or many tiny grains of sand are the contributions that get big, seemingly insurmountable projects started.

If each one of us makes an effort to discover what we have to offer, there would be an endless ripple effect. We could multiply our positive effect on the world. We would increase other’s resources as well as our own. You wouldn’t have to travel far or invest huge amounts of money. There’s no need to take on huge projects, either. Sometimes, all you need to do is offer someone a hug or a helping hand. Just being there to listen to someone is already helping in an important way.

We can all help, we all have something to offer the world. You just have to stop and think for a moment. What can I do to leave the world a better place than I found it? We all have a certain degree of responsibility and can take action. We have the freedom to decide what to do to make our surroundings better in some way.

Small steps on a long journey

We don’t like it when things are too easy. In fact, one of the things that most influences how much value we assign to an achievement is the effort we made to get it. We put something of ourselves into that effort, and that makes us feel proud.

footprints on beach

On the other hand, when we don’t know where to begin, it’s better to aim for small goals. Think of little things that motivate you and give you more ideas. When you satisfy needs, you discover new ones. Focus on an objective and work on it. Think about everything you can do each day to reach your goal. When you finally get there, you can look back and recognize the value of what you’ve done. It gives meaning to your life.

If I want world peace, or that the whole world knows about my work, or I want to help everyone in need, those are long-term goals. Also, these goals are so enormous that just thinking about them will kill my motivation. I have to start by acting locally. Helping those who are close to me, and planting seeds. Little by little, my work will have a greater impact.

Every step counts, every step is building something bigger. Each time you make an effort and dream, you and those around you grow. Your happiness is contagious, and simply by being happy you are offering something to the world. Don’t stand by and do nothing. Discover your talents and find your potential. Do it with a smile and give it your best. The world is out there waiting to see what you can offer.

What is my purpose in this world?

We’re talking about your day-to-day purpose. Not New Year’s resolutions or the promises we make when we have a birthday. We forget those too quickly. We mean the qualities that make us feel good and offer something to other people.

Maybe your purpose is to make people laugh, or dance, or tell stories. Listen, help, teach, cook, draw, play music… If we give something we are good at, it is a worthwhile gift to the world. So, I ask you, what is your purpose right now, today, tomorrow, or this week?

woman happy to be in the world

The world needs people like you. People who want to give the best they have to offer. We need people who see the bright side in the midst of a storm, who want to spread the love and make other people happy. The world needs people who enrich those around them, who want to give back and are grateful for everything they receive. The world needs you, what are you waiting for? Give it the best you have to offer.

Trust in yourself and look inside, there’s something wonderful there that is ready to come out. It’s something that other people need, though that’s not the most important part. Until you believe it yourself, it won’t help you at all. Look for it, find it, enjoy it, then offer it to the world. There will always be someone who will thank you for it, and that someone is you.