What is An Antidepressant Mind?

What is An Antidepressant Mind?

Last update: 10 April, 2016

Depression is a common ailment that affects many people. It is a silent problem that we often fail to identify because it does not manifest itself openly. We can even criticize the person with depression for demonstrating behaviors that irritate and confuse us.

“Depression is fed by unhealed wounds.”

-Penelope Sweet-

Depression is sometimes caused by genetic predisposition that causes us to suffer helplessly. It is quite possible that if your parents have suffered from depression, you or your children will be more susceptible to having it.

But there are certain people who have antidepressant minds. People who never feel sad without knowing why, or have never experienced an inability to get out of bed to do their daily tasks.

When you don’t know what depression is, your life is much happier and positive. Mood changes are not part of who you are. You don’t know what it is to feel low and not be able to leave the house because you’re sad or depressed.

People with an antidepressant mind know exactly what is to be positive. While they too go through their own negative experiences, they don’t get thrown off their path. It is always a continuous walk forward, regardless of what happens.

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They also have a stable mood. They don’t change switch from joy to sadness in just a few minutes. Small situations don’t affect their mood the way they do for a depressed person.

They are also very confident people. Depressed people have a lot of insecurities from accumulated pain and stored sadness which eventually emerges. But antidepressant people do not know what this is. An antidepressant mind cannot understand how can you live in a world of darkness.

They know exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are. The negative comments of others don’t bring them down to the extent that they do for those of us with tendencies toward depression.

In addition, antidepressant people never consider or even understand how someone can attempt suicide or self-harm. For them, this is something totally unfathomable, something that is never weighed as an option.

Mistakes are part of growing

People with an antidepressant mind are well aware that mistakes help them grow, which is a fundamental part of learning and progressing in life.

To err is fundamental and making mistakes is important. If you don’t make mistakes in your life it’s because you’re not doing anything. Therefore, your life doesn’t progress, it becomes stagnant.

Can a depressed person apply this advice? Sure, but it will be hard to control when the downturn sneaks up on them and leaves them at home, not wanting to go out.

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A depressive mind is not the same as one that is not. However, by using strategies and seeking help, we can make our own moments of depression occur more sporadically.

If you want to develop an antidepressant mind, you should consider certain aspects that all antidepressant minds know and promote:

  • Always speak to yourself positively, never negatively.
  • Open your mind. Depressed people tend to close up, be rigid and have mistaken beliefs. Change your mind and let it deal with depression. Be flexible.
  • Create positive social relationships, surround yourself with positive people. It is impossible to be liked by everyone, but there are surely a lot of people who like you!
  • Live your life with passion and energy.

These tips will help you deal with depression and convert your a mentality into an antidepressant mentality. Although you may never eliminate it completely because your mind is predisposed to being depressed, you can make small changes in your attitude that may be helpful. Of course, none of these are a substitute for seeking professional help when needed, but it is possible to change your mindset!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.