7 Phrases for Self-Improvement

7 Phrases for Self-Improvement

Last update: 14 October, 2016

Self-improvement entails making changes to improve our own lives. It’s about seeking and finding a state of satisfaction with ourselves and with the circumstances that surround us.

“We are here to take a bite out of the universe. If not, what else are we here for”
-Steve Jobs-

But, a process of change provokes fear and insecurity. It is difficult to eradicate our beliefs and move beyond fear. 

1. Act and don’t stop

Many people complain about what they have in life, but they don’t do anything to change it. Every day they show their dissatisfaction, but also their stagnation. If you are not happy with what surrounds you, the time has come to move and not stop.

Don’t settle, don’t stop searching, let curiosity guide your days. Remember how you explored the world when you were a child and recover that way of looking at life. Recover that way of living an adventure every single second. Never stopping.


2. Do the hard things before the easy things

When we confront a new challenge, it seems extremely complicated, full of uncertainty. It stresses us out. But this is the barrier that we must overcome in order to become who we want to be. And not what others expect from us.

With the passage of time, that which was originally difficult becomes easy. We learn to overcome, accept and confront our fears. We acknowledge them and stare them straight in the face. We manage them and, therefore, they stop being a threat. Instead, they turn into a source of motivation.

3. Become your own priority

Often times, we tend to prioritize other people, we give ourselves completely for others. We focus on what they want and need, on making them happy. Sometimes we even give up our own happiness in exchange for theirs. Where does that leave us?


It is time to become your own priority, to know that you have to be before everybody else. You need some time for yourself. It’s not about being selfish, but rather about thinking in a balanced way about others and about yourself.

4. You deserve to be happy

We deserve to be happy, and sometimes we forget this fact. We tend to do what we think will make others happy and don’t reflect upon what we are passionate about. We forget about what fills our hearts and makes us smile.

You also deserve to enjoy happiness. You deserve to have your heart and soul filled with joy. To make every second count, to have your dreams fulfilled, transmit your passion and feel loved.

5. Be brave and take risks

The biggest obstacle when it comes time to change is fear. This fear is due to the fact that there will always be some risk involved. Managing this fear without avoiding it is what makes us learn and grow.

In order to grow as people, we will always have to take risks. We have to remember that by taking that risk, there is always a possibility of failure. But that failure will be a learning experience, a way of getting to know yourself better and knowing how to react in the face of fear.

6. Be honest with yourself

Lying to yourself is just a strategy to not face your fears. We make excuses for ourselves that nobody would really buy in that situation. We do it although it makes us profoundly unhappy, knowing that it is within our power to change.

We need to see reality with utmost sincerity, in order to discover ourselves and overcome all of the obstacles that life throws at us every single day. Don’t lie to yourself, get to know yourself, accept your flaws and boost your virtues. Discover who you are.


7. Don’t stop dreaming

This is one of the most important phrases for self-improvement, because having dreams is the first phase of a successful self-improvement process.  Think about your dream, what that moment when you achieve it will be like, what will you feel. Think about what emotion will fill you up, who is there with you, what do you see, how does it smell. Make your dream tangible.

Visualize your dream in detail every day. This will help you have a clear objective. But this objective should be concrete, so that you may work towards its achievement. Hence, when you define it, you should be very specific.

Remember these phrases about self-improvement every day. Write them down in a visible place, and put them into practice in order to achieve your goals. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.