Use Visualization to Achieve Your Goals

November 7, 2016

We’re always in such a hurry that we often forget to take care of ourselves. The hectic pace of life, combined with a lack of knowledge about our own bodies, prevents us from expressing the emotions that we feel in the moment. Prolonging the length of our emotional burdens puts us in conflict with reality. Visualization is a new technique that is used to control the weight of life’s difficulties.

Recent studies have demonstrated that mental visualization of an activity can achieve the same effect in the brain as actually doing the activity. This is because mental practice activates the same brain structures as physical practice.

Your only limitation is your own mind.

Use mental visualization to achieve your goal

Visualization is a technique used by successful people in all areas of life. If you really want to achieve something, use your imagination. It might seem like magic, but it’s actually science. To give you an idea of how important this practice is, Formula One drivers and gymnasts currently use it as a part of their daily training. The most interesting thing about this method is that all you need is a good dose of imagination and concentration.

girl throwing paper airplane

To visualize a situation, you should preferably be in a calm place with little light, where you can concentrate on the visualization. Close your eyes and imagine a landscape or a room that you’re comfortable in. The more details you can visualize, the more convinced your brain will be that what’s happening is real, and therefore, the more you’ll be able to free yourself from the tensions in your body.

Mental visualization is like any other practice; to get results you have to keep repeating it – the more the better so that your brain memorizes the actions.

Visualization allows knowledge to be condensed.

How to practice visualization

When everything is moving rapidly and you also have to move at that pace, people tend to spend all their energy on stress. This causes blockages in the body that can manifest as different physical and psychological problems, such as fatigue, despair, depression, anxiety, and a lack of energy.

Here’s how to do a correct visualization:

  • Visualize the activity. Think that what you see is what you’ll get, and you should be ready for creativity and mental synthesis to guide you. Close your eyes and imagine it.
  • Visualize the desired result. Anybody who wants to change overnight will only be disappointed. Even if you win a fortune, you’ll be equally dissatisfied with in a period of six months if you don’t go deeper into the result that you really want to achieve.
  • Change your mindset. Nothing will improve if you feel bad about yourself and the opportunities you have in your life. A positive mentality will turn an unlucky time into a hopeful one. It will turn a glass half empty into a glass half full, rain into sun that peeks through the clouds.
  • Translate your imagination into the real world. After you’ve spent a few hours, days, months, or years visualizing the possibilities, change will come. Just before you do the activity for real that will achieve the desired result, focus clearly on the image of the action that you’re about to complete.
woman thinking hopefully

Visualization only works when you’re calm, peaceful, and ready to paint a picture in your mind of what you want to achieve, free from all immediate worries. Instead of letting yourself trip because you were rushing, you have to think actively about the possibilities, setting aside anything that is irrelevant to your goals. So whatever it is that you’re imagining actively, relax, and your body – which is magical – will find the strength to set out on the path towards success

“Any man who can’t visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot.”

-André Breton-

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